Marketing Officer at Kenya School of Law

The Kenya School of Law (KSL) is the only bar school in Kenya. After their completion of an Undergraduate Degrees in Law from a recognized university, students attend the Kenya School of Law to be prepared for admission to the Kenyan Bar. The Kenya School of Law was established as a law vocational training school in 1963. However, the establishment of Faculties of Law in East African universities led to a need to change the training offered at the Kenya School of Law.

Job specifications (duties)

The duties and responsibilities of the officer will entail: –

  • Assisting in marketing the Schools services;
  • Assisting in brand management for the School;
  • Assisting in developing of new products and determining the appropriate pricing and marketing strategies that can optimize benefits to the School;
  • Assisting in ensuring viable business proposals are developed and submitted to development partners for financing;
  • Assisting in carrying out market survey;
  • Explore potential commercial business opportunities available;
  • Assisting in coordinating the development of pricing strategy with an eye towards maximizing School’s profits while ensuring that the customers are satisfied;
  • Assisting in monitoring and coordinate sales in the different stations to provide feedback on necessary remedial measures; and
  • Assisting in analyzing sales reports and advising on necessary marketing changes.

Persons’ specifications

To qualify for this position, the applicant must have: –

  • Bachelor Degree in Marketing from a recognized institution;
  • Proficiency in Computer Applications including knowledge in desktop publishing; and
  • Meet requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution.

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