Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M&E) at Center for Rights Education And Awareness

The Centre for Rights, Education and Awareness (CREAW) is a feminist, non-profit women’s rights organization that seeks to confront the low awareness of women’s real needs and rights in Kenya. CREAW envisions a transformed and just equal society and its mission is to champion, expand and actualize women’s rights.


The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be reporting to the Program Coordinator and will be in charge of supervising training and adoption of standard operating procedures and oversees the timely and quality implementation of M&E and knowledge management and learning initiatives.

S/He will be in charge of design and dissemination of M&E tools baseline, questionnaires, surveys, distribution lists and other tools and support field-based staff towards ensuring effective management of CREAW projects.

S/he will be responsible for the implementation of M&E initiatives of the M&E tools and systems developed for the projects.

S/he will train enumerators and other Project staff in charge of data collection across the projects. S/he will be responsible for efficient and timely implementation of M&E initiatives across all project locations and ensures data quality at all stages. 

Tasks and Responsibilities 

The M&E officer shall be expected to:

  1. Carry out an assessment and review of CREAW’s existing M&E system following which s/he will lead a consultative process to address issues arising from the review, including exploring different M&E frameworks and options with CREAW. The assessment will include:
  • A desk review of current CREAW’s M&E documentation including any previous M&E reviews;
  • A series of focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews and questionnaires with CREAW staff and board members, community groups and area associations and other relevant stakeholders such as donors,
  • Field visits with CREAW staff to an agreed sample of CREAW project sites to gather data from interventions and review the current monitoring system to adduce what works and what doesn’t;
  • Collate and analyze data to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of CREAW current participatory M&E system at all levels, taking into account how data is currently collected, stored, analyzed and used for organizational learning and accountability;
  • Share the findings and recommendations with CREAW staff for feedback and reflection during a one day workshop in Kenya, and collate these into a final report with recommendations for what could be done differently or better.

2.  Develop and or improve, in consultation with program teams, a robust M&E and learning framework, strategy and plan that is appropriate to the size and complexity of the Organisation, and ultimately allows CREAW to:

  • effectively measure, use and share results from across all activities to support decision making at different levels:
  • effectively measure, use and share results from across all activities to support learning;
  • effectively measure, use and share results from across all activities to support accountability and meet the information needs of different internal and external audiences;
  • aggregate data from their operational areas;

3.  Strengthen capacity of the programme officers to report on impact while respecting and working supportively with communities on issues of women’s rights and gender equality.

4.  Work with relevant CREAW staff to design and develop monitoring tools required to implement the new M&E system, including identifying the training needs and training of staff where appropriate.

5.  Provide support, through ongoing mentoring, to the piloting and rollout of CREAW’s new M&E system across its operational and activity areas and support CREAW to review and adjust the M&E tools where necessary.

Design and build of improved CREAW PME system

we expect the M&E officer to:

  1. Provide various M&E options and approaches that are appropriate to the size and complexity of the organization in response to the findings from the in-depth review, and explore these for best fit with CREAW.
  2. Work with project staff to design and develop a robust and relevant organizational M&E strategy, system and M&E Learning framework that responds to the organization’s needs, and those of their diverse stakeholders. This should be based on agreed, identified needs with CREAW which can be implemented across the organization.
  3. Work with project staff in developing appropriate M&E tools, key performance indicators, and project specific indicators to be included as part of the M&E framework.
  4. Identify training needs and support the delivery of necessary training for CREAW staff.
  5. Provide regular mentoring and support (to be agreed) during the testing of these tools and during piloting and roll out across the organization.

Qualifications and work experience 

The M&E officer must poses the following qualifications and experience

  1. Must have a post graduate or bachelor`s degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies, Statistics or a related discipline with 3-5 years’ experience in M&E
  2. Proven knowledge and analytical capacity in relation to gender, human rights, and a rights-based approach to development and women’s rights; Essential
  3. Experience in developing M&E and documentation systems (including key performance indicators, specific project indicators, data collection tools, functional databases for civil society organizations), as well as organizational development. Essential
  4. Knowledge of formulating process and system indicators for sector reform programmes, with experience in change management; Essential
  5. In-depth understanding and knowledge of the work of non-governmental organizations, in particular civil society capacity building within the Africa region;
  6. Experience with and supportive attitude towards processes of strengthening local organizations and building local capacities;
  7. Good listening, communication and analytical skills; Essential
  8. Good capacity to gather information from a variety of source materials;
  9. Experience in evaluating projects on small entrepreneurship, on areas related to CREAW core programmes and capacity building programmes;
  10. Excellent time management skills;
  11. Excellent written skills
  12. Proven facilitation skills;
  13. Proven experience in facilitating training in M&E;
  14. Experience and skills in participatory strategic and operational planning; Desirable
  15. Highly motivated and committed to the values of transparency and integrity;
  16. Fluency in English a distinct advantage.
  17.  Proven experience and contactable references from credible past NGO M&E strengthening work.

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