Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at National Treasury

The National Treasury derives its mandate from the Constitution 2010, the Public Management Act 2012 and the Executive Order No.2/2013. The core functions of the National Treasury as derived from the above legal provisions include; Formulate, implement and monitor macro-economic policies involving expenditure and revenue;

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Job description

The objective of this assignment is to establish the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) function in the PIU and develop the M&E System for the FLLCoA Program. This will be undertaken through the joint development of a shared M&E system among key stakeholders which will be supported by facilitating stakeholders to undertake their own M&E activities and to link these into an overall assessment of program progress and needed actions. The objectives of the program M&E system will be to: i) regularly monitor program implementation, ii) take corrective action when program performance is off track, and iii) periodically evaluate program performance to influence program plans and budgets. The M&E Specialist will thus guide the overall strategy formulation and implementation of the M&E function and system and provide timely and relevant information to program stakeholders including the World Bank.


During program formulation:

  • Review the quality of existing social and economic data in the program area;
  • In collaboration with the Program technical specialists and subject matter experts develop the Program performance indicators, including their measurement definitions, and the Program results framework;
  • Contribute to the design and development of the Program M&E system, initially outlining the roles and responsibilities of Program stakeholders, data collection and reporting requirements and plans, perfor- mance review arrangements, and dissemination of results and citizen feedback on performance;
  • Formulate the M&E and reporting sections in the Program Operating Manual;
  • Develop the Program M&E Manual and Knowledge Management

During program implementation:

  • Lead in the implementation of the developed Program M&E system, including the M&E data collection and reporting plan and institutional framework and systems;
  • Operationalize the M&E unit and its required operational structures in the PIU;
  • Finalize the Program M&E Manual, including defining its objectives, detailed design of data collection, analysis, and reporting plan for each indicator, M&E implementation arrangements, roles and responsi- bilities, work plan and a budget,
  • Liaise with primary MDAs, Counties and Private Sector stakeholders and other staff to ensure a two- way flow of information on Program implementation and performance;
  • Ensure that an effective and participatory M&E system and methodology are established consistent with a robust M&E function;
  • Supervise implementations of approved M&E work plans during implementation, and if required, up- date and amend the M&E process following ongoing consultation with stakeholders, partners, and ben- eficiaries;
  • Generating and assessing information required for monitoring and reporting on key operational and performance indicators and outcome objectives established for the program as detailed in approved work plans and results framework;
  • Promoting accountability by drawing on information on efficiency and effectiveness to assess and com- municate whether program activities are likely to achieve expected results and / or realize its objectives;
  • Through routine Program performance reviews – organized by the M&E Specialist under the supervi- sion of the overall Program Coordinator – identifying and promoting the corrective actions necessary from time to time to improve implementation;
  • Preparing and implementing an approved evaluation plan to ensure effective assessment of intermediate and program outcome evaluation;
  • Overseeing the preparation of quarterly progress reports, mid-term evaluation report, annual report and end-of-program evaluation report;
  • Develop simple reporting formats to be used in collecting data by the MDAs, Counties and Communities for program which will be compatible with the available Management Information System software;
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with implementing MDAs, Counties and Communities to assist in the monitoring and evaluation of program;
  • Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and identify where adaptations might be needed;
  • Conduct in-house M&E training for PIU staff & other key MDAs and Counties;
  • Any other duties assigned by the Program Manager –Finance & Strategy and by extension Program Coordinator.


  • A minimum of a first degree in relevant field. Relevant professional qualifications will be an added advantage;
  • A minimum of 6 years’ of demonstrated knowledge of and experience with program management, including monitoring and evaluation practices and reporting requirements of donor funded program;
  • A minimum of 8 years’ relevant experience in the public service and donor funded program is preferable;
  • A robust understanding of program M&E systems, including understanding various types of data for monitoring, systems for monitoring program progress, performance reviews, integration of manage- ment information systems in M&E and program management, and various approaches to program eval- uations;
  • Excellent analytical report writing skills and must be fully computer literate;
  • Ability to manage integrated M&E function with community driven development;
  • Capacity to work under pressure and meet tight schedules under minimum supervision;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and able to work

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