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TDM was born with the need of speaking more quietly & cutting out the small talk. We’re not galvanized by other people, external stimuli, and we’re more likely to disagree with an idea that we don’t believe in. So how does one create that ‘great idea’ that turns the raw information into advertising that will engage and entertain as well as inform? There is a fantastic book on playing tennis called The Inner Game of Tennis which has a very simple conclusion: relax and let your true self perform. And so it is with creativity.

Mission for the 2D Animator & Motion Graphics Designer

“To deliver well thought out, powerful & original work in line with the client’s objectives. This should be done in a creative and efficient way.

Outcomes Ratings & Reviews

  1. 24-72 hours turnaround time on ALL projects
  2. Less than 24 hours between communication and execution of MAJOR changes
  3. Less than 3 hours between communication and execution of MINOR changes
  4. Weekly progress report on all projects


We are a young, fast-moving, aggressive and results oriented company. We need people on our team who will never be satisfied with the status quo. You need to a be results oriented person who works toward continuous improvement.

Key competencies for the role of graphic designer:

  • Self driven and disciplined
  • Reliability. You need to be trustworthy & consistent
  • Proficient with the Adobe Suite specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and After Effects and other 2D animation & motion graphics software
  • Creativity/innovation. Generates new and innovative approaches to problems.
  • Efficiency. Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
  • Work ethic. Possesses a strong willingness to work smart and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Output over everything
  • Calm under pressure. Maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress.
  • Openness to a critique approach to feedback. Often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism or negative feedback.


  • Collaborate with the team to ensure consistency of designs across various media outlets
  • Create compelling and effective creative 2D animations & motion graphics
  • Maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape and market trends


  • Bachelor’s degree/diploma in design or related field
  • 2-4 years of experience in 2D animation and motion graphic design
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite i.e. illustrator, photoshop, indesign & after effects and other 2D animation & motion graphics software
  • Strong communication, conceptual thinking and design skills
  • Portfolio/showreel of work

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