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National Advisor for Kenya

Description of Services

 • To support monitoring of GCERF grant activities in Kenya

 • To serve as an interlocutor between GCERF’s Secretariat and key stakeholders in Kenya. 

• To support capacity strengthening of GCERF’s stakeholders in Kenya. 


In 2015 the Government of Kenya requested GCERF’s support to address the risk of radicalisation to VE, focusing on prevention and the vital role of local communities. GCERF conducted the Country Needs Assessment (CNA) to gain a more nuanced understanding of the needs and drivers of VE in Kenya.

Simultaneously, GCERF has also supported the establishment of a Country Support Mechanism (CSM), which consists of representatives from the National Counter-Terrorism Centre, various government ministries, and members of civil society. 

GCERF’s portfolio in Kenya is the largest of all GCERF partner countries with 9 grants in total for USD 5.7 million. The monitoring and coordination of these grants in line with the NSCVE and the CAPs is challenging for the GCERF Secretariat, which is based in Geneva and visits Kenya every three months. The grants require more frequent monitoring and follow up. 

As such, GCERF is dedicating resources to recruit a National Advisor through the end of 2020, with possibility for extension through 2021. 

The National Advisor will be critical to supporting GCERF with the work outlined below. 

Work to be performed 

  1. Visit GCERF-funded grant activities per a monitoring schedule. Prepare monitoring reports and provide recommendations to grantees, the GCERF Secretariat, and the Country Support Mechanism. 

  2. Attend coordination meetings organized by the national government, donor community, multi-lateral, and international partners regarding P/CVE.

  3. Proactively share information (i.e. reports, maps, invitations to events and fora) with GCERF pertinent to GCERF’s granting activities in Kenya. 

  4. Network with relevant P/CVE stakeholders, identify synergies and report back to GCERF for consultation. 

  5. Proactively look for opportunities to collaborate with P/CVE stakeholders and report back to GCERF. 

  6. With support from GCERF’s portfolio management unit, lead on-the-ground coordination of grant making and grant management processes to include the following: 

a. Due Diligence of potential grantees 

b. Finalisation of grantee proposals (theory of change, results frameworks, workplans, etc.) 

c. Coordination of capacity strengthening for grantees, Country Support Mechanism, and civil society stakeholders 

d. Coordination of Community of Practice (COP) events 


The National Advisor will be based in Nairobi and travel regularly to various projects locations, notably in North East Kenya, to engage civil society and local government representatives and raise awareness about the work supported by GCERF. 

Key deliverables include but are not limited to the following: 

1) Produce a bi-weekly report updating GCERF about the following: 

a. A one-page context update and its relevance to the P/CVE landscape; 

b. A one-page summary of each meeting attended with an outline of key points discussed, key stakeholders (P/CVE actors/organisations, donors, government authorities, and members of civil society) in attendance, and points for follow up discussion in other multi-lateral or bi-lateral settings; 

c. A one-page summary of the donor landscape as relates to P/CVE; 

d. A one-page summary of in-country travel with an outline of key takeaways. 

2) Produce a final report at the end of the service agreement. Characteristics of the National Advisor GCERF is seeking an individual (female or male) with advanced knowledge of P/CVE programming in Kenya: 

The National Advisor should have the following skills and competencies: 

• Proven experience in starting up new initiatives and programmes;

 • At least 7 years of experience working with national and local governments agencies in development cooperation and policy in Kenya; 

• Experience working with diplomatic missions; 

• Experience managing grants and overseeing grants as a donor representative; 

• Deep understanding of P/CVE dynamics in Kenya; 

• Extensive experience in coaching and training; 

• Extensive experience in networking; 

• Ability to regularly travel to various projects locations; 

• Fluent English skills, written and verbal 

• Fluent in Swahili.

 • Strong presentational and analytical skills; 

• Digital native.

How to apply

Details here.

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