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Office Assistant Job in Kenya

Job Summary

The Office Assistant is
responsible for aiding the Operations Manager in ensuring effective and smooth
functioning of the office operations as well as supporting field operations.
The Office Assistant’s direct supervisor is the Operations Manager.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Filing of finance and administration documents
    (not HR)

  • Petty cash custody and payment of cash for office

  • Running office errands including delivery of
    collection of documents and invoices

  • Fuelling of using the Total Card whenever required
    at quarter tank capacity

  • Receipt of daily reports from the Team Leaders and
    compiling a daily report for the Operations Manager daily before 9am

  • Requesting Material from Adrian

  • Reconciliation of daily used material to be
    submitted by 9.00am daily

  • Taking Adrian/Camusat FTTH Data Correctly to be
    submitted daily by 9am

  • Confirming ONT Daily Usage

  • Fleet and Fuel Management

  • Keeping an Updated time log register and leave
    data for the employees

  • Ensuring all Personnel files are upto date.

Qualifications and
Education Requirements

  • Diploma in Business Administration or related

Preferred Skills

  • Minimum of 1 year related experience

  • Working knowledge of MS Word and Excel computer

  • Good interpersonal communication skills,
    relationship building and organization skills.

  • A person of known integrity.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work constructively in
    a team.

  • Ability to negotiate solutions to problems

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

  • Ability to interact clearly and effectively with
    clients, employees and vendors.

  • Effective command of English language including
    written and spoken English.

  • Effective use of written and spoken Kiswahili.

How to Apply

If you meet the 
requirements, kindly send your CV to [email protected] with
the subject line as 
“Office Assistant

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