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People Management Skills Every HR Needs To Have

People management skills sometimes known as soft skills are very crucial when it comes to working in HR. HR goes beyond implementing policies and enforcing rules, you need to be a people person. Can you work well with everyone? Are you accommodating? When conflicts arise, will you smoothen things out?

What people management skills are required of you as a HR professional?


HR is a people-focused function. Concerned with the management of an organization’s workforce, HR professionals have to be expert communicators. As HR professionals are drawn upon to resolve conflict and uphold company standards, they need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with their colleagues.


Part of the role of an HR professional is to offer confidential, unbiased advice to an organization’s workforce as well as handle sensitive information professionally. Therefore, being able to maintain confidentiality is very important, especially when instilling your trustworthiness.


Another important HR skill is to be adaptable. Unpredictable circumstances (e.g. an employee who quits) can shake up an HR professional’s daily agenda. To adjust to or even predict changes, HR team members need to be adaptable in their approach.


Like with most jobs, having great teamwork skills is important for HR professionals. Being able to work cohesively with your colleagues and support one another with the day to day running of the department is integral for its smooth-running. Plus, working well as a team helps with morale and satisfaction in the workplace.

Problem Solving

HR professionals are likely to encounter many difficult situations during their career, therefore, it’s handy to be a good problem solver to deal with these as they arise. Plus, having good problem-solving skills will help get you noticed which will be beneficial when an opportunity arises.


As with most careers, being able to demonstrate leadership skills will be beneficial to you as you progress. Having leadership skills shows your ability to take control and responsibility for your work and others, which could lead to you gaining more opportunities for promotions or pay rises.

Practice empathy

To build strong relationships with the staff, you need to practice empathy. Whether someone comes to you with a work conflict or is struggling with personal matters at home, as a human resource professional, bringing compassion to your conversations will make it easier for the staff to open up to you.


If you feel like you don’t possess every one of these people management skills, don’t worry! The great things about these skills is that anyone is capable of developing them, all it takes is some intentional practice, self-awareness and training.

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