Photography Officer at Public Service Commission Kenya (PSCK)

The Commission dates back to 1954 when Civil Service Commission was established by British Colonial Government following Holmes Commission Report, 1948; Civil Service Commission was advisory to the Governor in matters of appointments; At independence in 1963 it was enshrined in the constitution and renamed Public Service Commission; Independence Constitution had Regional PSC’s but abolished in 1964 following constitutional amendments; It is the oldest Constitutional Commission and its mandate has expanded over the years. The Commission then constituted of a chairman, a deputy chairman and fifteen members all appointed by the President. The Commission, since then, has handled matters of human resource management in the public service especially the civil service and local authorities. Constitution of Kenya, 2010 promulgated on 27th August 2010 reconstituted the Commission with a redefined and expanded mandate and a lean membership.


For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have:

  • Diploma in any of the following disciplines: – Journalism; Mass Communication; Communication Studies, Public Relations or any other approved equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution;
  • Proficiency in camera operations; and
  • Proficiency in web photo editing and publishing tools.

Duties and Responsibilities:-

This is the entry and training grade for this cadre. Duties and responsibilities at this level will include:

  • Using various cameras to take photos;
  • Manipulating photography parameters to obtain clear images;
  • Composing stories, headlines, captions, and other descriptive tag to interpret photos;
  • Research to obtain facts to validate a story;
  • Creating timely visual content for all digital and social media platforms;
  • Maintaining and protecting camera and editing equipment;
  • Keeping records of photographs in an image database;
  • Documenting and reviewing media activities;
  • Seeking out appropriate and captivating photographic subjects and opportunities;
  • Processing, editing, curate and share regular flow of images; and
  • Performing other duties that may be assigned from time to time.

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