Plumbing Instructor at Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust

WHO WE ARE Rafiki wa Maendeleo Trust is a charitable organization working in the rural area of Rarieda sub-County in Siaya County, Kenya. Our vision is people believing in themselves and working together to build a vibrant and progressive community.


Train students in specific technical skills area (Plumbing) and prepare them for formal examinations/trade test.



  • Enrich the existing Curriculum to include emerging trends in the Plumbing Industry.
  • Develop lesson plans for training.
  • Take part in recruitment process of the new students.
  • Provide counseling to the students, address their disciplinary issues and assist in Conflict Resolution among them.
  • Prepare the students for their final examination and facilitate internal examinations.
  • Accompany the class to the examination center whenever called upon.
  • Ensure all qualified students are registered for the exams.
  • Assist in ensuring that all qualified students pay their contributions to the exams.
  • Ensure that the institutions values and principles are communicated to the students and their caregivers.
  • Ensure that the institutions rules and regulations are clearly communicated to the students.
  • Ensure the students participate in all other related institutions activities.

Information Management  

  • Keep and file daily attendance registers for the students as well examination records.

 Economic Mentoring to Students

  • Train and mentor students to acquire skills in developing items for sale and ensure self-sufficiency.
  • Facilitate students to meet production deadlines and relevant targets.
  • Train the students on how to deal with possible clients so as to enable them have competitive advantage.
  • Train the students on how to determine prices of their finished products to enable them engage in profitable ventures out of the acquired skills.
  • Train the students on the possible ways of marketing their skills.

Maintenance of Equipment

  • Implement basic procedures that are geared towards ensuring better security of inputs.
  • Carry out regular maintenance of equipment and assets i.e. oiling of the machines
  • Request inputs from the inventory (and procurement) and allocate them to students for use.
  • Report any damage caused and repairs needed in class and respective equipment.
  • Lock and open the class (workshop) in the morning and evening.
  • Provide recommendations that can improve security of the class and RWMT equipment.

General Maintenance 

  • Assist in general repair and maintenance on areas that are relevant to the incumbents’ expertise whenever called to.
  • Advise the organization promptly on different areas that are related to the incumbents’ field.
  • Come up with products for the organizations use whenever called to.


  • Spearhead production ventures of the organization with the help of students and casuals where necessary as per the set timelines.
  • Supervise casuals and students work in regards to production.
  • Ensure that the final products are of good quality so as to maintain satisfaction of RWMT clients.
  • Take part in wage preparation of the casual staff engaged in production.
  • Take part in conducting interviews for the casuals and staff in incumbent’s area of expertise.

Internal Administration

  • Provide quality and timely delivery of production and training reports in their agreed format and deadlines to facilitate follow-up and improvement of the work.
  • Maintain follow-up system to ensure efficient processes of production and training activities.
  • Actively maintain the internal referral system to ensure beneficiaries are provided with maximum support from the organization’s various expertise.


(The knowledge, skills and abilities may be required through a combination of formal schooling, self-education and prior experience or on-the-job-training).

Level of education:

At least a Diploma in the area of technical skills training from a reputable Polytechnic or/and Technical Institutions. A Grade 1 Trade Test Certification in the area of specialization will be an added advantage.

Specialized Training/Professional Qualifications

  • Plumbing Works
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Certificate in Computer Studies

Other competencies:

  • Must possess good facilitation/training skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills with ability to build harmonious relationships with students.
  • Must have developed good intercultural orientation and strong public relations skills.
  • Must have registered with TVET
  • Must have a Technical Teacher Training Certificate

Job experience:

At least two (2) years relevant experience in a similar position.

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