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Production Manager at Melvins Tea

Melvin Marsh International is a Kenyan based family business that first begun with the production of Kenya first free-flowing salt- Melvins Flow salt, in 1995. Soon after, Kenya’s first flavored teas were launched under our renowned brand – Melvins Teas. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we focused obsessively on building a world-class company with several strong Melvin’s brands. We flavor our teas with only 100% natural ingredients. The result – A range of teas that were flavorful, fun and refreshing. Over the years as our reputation grew, and our reach spread, it became equally obvious that people throughout the country shared this desire for a cup of tea that was much more than simply refreshment, but an enjoyable, memorable and satisfying experience, leading to the launch of our very own first Tea House – Melvins TeaHouse in the upmarket Lavington Mall. Today, Melvins Teas serves millions of cups a year. The product base has expanded to include lines; not only flavored teas but herbal and fruit infusions including green, orthodox and purple tea.

Reporting to: GM

Department / Division: Production

Location: Head Office

Job Purpose: Achieving production objectives ensures that production processes in the respective units are complied with set standards and specification.

Job Responsibilities (Principle Accountabilities and Performance Measures)

  • Authorize work instructions and standard operating procedures related to production and ensure their strict implementation
  • Measure 1: SOP Compliance
  • Monitor the production processes & in-process checks during processing
  • Measure 1: Process checks by Quality manager
  • Ensure proper maintenance of equipment in the production unit
  • Measure 1: Down time
  • Measure 2: Daily Output Report
  • Achieve the Monthly production target as per the production plan
  • Measure 1: Output- Volume/numbers
  • Measure 2: Quality – Batch failure/rework
  • Ensure proper training to the required personnel
  • Measure 1: Training manual/record
  • Ensure monitoring of the manufacturing environment/hygiene
  • Measure 1: Daily Cleaning Log/Health and safety Audit
  • Continuously review process to ensure efficiency and compliance to the required standards
  • Measure 1: Process efficiency
  • Review of the PC Chart to validate efficiency
  • Measure 1: Continuously
  • Carry out/ Perform Validation and optimize processed as per requirements from QA
  • Measure 1: Continuously
  • Ensure that products are produced as per set standards and specification to achieve the quality objectives
  • Measure 1: Quality products
  • Measure 2: Customer satisfaction
  • Provide leadership in performance management, employee development, talent management and building a work environment that drives high performance and employee satisfaction
  • Measure 1: Employee Development plan
  • Work closely with other departments and cross functional teams to review progress, resolve issues and ensure high level of customer satisfaction
  • Measure 1: Continuously
  • To perform any other duty as assigned by the MD in line with the organization goals and objective
  • Measure 1: Continuously

Key Deliverables

  • Ensuring compliance of the department, personnel & processes to the standards.
  • Implementation of cost control measures.
  • People management
  • Quality controls and health standards
  • Agreed timelines
  • Finished and unfinished goods stock
  • Product quality

Position Requirements


  • Bachelor of Degree in production engineering OR Food Science OR biochemistry,
  • A business related course is an added advantage
  • 8 years of experience in a FMCG company


1. Planning and Organizing
Level: Advanced

2. Leadership & Management
Level: Proficient

3. Problem solving
Level: Advanced

4. Compliance
Level: Advanced

5. Safety focus
Level: Proficient

6. Technical competence
Level: Advanced

7. Business development
Level: Basic

8. Business awareness
Level: Basic

9. Customer focus
Level: Basic

10. Quality control
Level: Advanced


With: Heads of Functions
Purpose: Operations

With: Sales department
Purpose: Advice on reorder levels

With: Staff & managers at all levels
Purpose: Customer feedback-complaints

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