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As production manager you would be responsible for the quality control and planning of all Artisans jewellery products from the production stage to shipping and packaging.

Responsibilities is as follows;

1. Production

a. Receive POs from AD and Toronto team. Ensure that purchase orders are distributed among the production team appropriately and the deadlines are respected

b. Work closely with the team to build the production schedule according to needs and clearly communicate priorities on a weekly/monthly basis

c. Troubleshoot and help solve all production issues

d. Ensure that the team understands the quality control expectations and has all the tools needed to adequately execute and complete production

e. Ensure all systems are up-to-date (Brightpearl/Google Docs) and clearly communicated to the Toronto team

f. Support the team to ensure the production numbers are being updated on a daily basis

g. Input Work Orders into system to generate input needs to complete orders.

h. Submit pick & pack orders and timelines for production to Supply Chain Management (SCM) team

i. Ensure that all payment documents are up-to-date and submitted in a timely manner to ensure prompt payment of mamas

j. Work closely with Mara team to ensure they equipment and resources to adequately run the Women’s Empowerment Centre and community distribution

2. Purchasing/Input Ordering

a. Create input orders and submit to Associate Director for approval

b. Submit order to Supply Chain Management (SCM) team to place order

c. Work closely with SCM team to ensure timely delivery of inputs

3. Packaging & Shipping

a. Communicate all packing instructions to SCM, provide training and clarification as needed, and follow up to ensure compliance.

b. Create packing SOPs as needed

c. Submit packing and shipping schedules and labour needs to SCM to ensure timely packaging and shipping of POs to final destination.

d. Follow up with SCM team to ensure packing and shipping is on track to meet PO delivery dates.

e. Ensure the SCM has all the necessary equipment to execute and adequately complete all packaging and shipping by the ex-factory date.

4. Represent the Artisans team as the Production Manager by helping to trouble shoot with the AD to solve issues/challenges proactively within the direct team and in the community

5. Human Resources (People & Culture (P&C))

a. Manage a team of coordinators who are directly responsible for production.

b. Hold weekly individual check-ins on challenges and issues with the team.

c. Meet weekly with AD on production and packaging progress.

d. Handle HR requests with production coordinator team. This includes, but is not limited to; disciplinary letters, difficult conversations, leave request. etc. Final approval & guidance to come from AD and P&C

6. Communication:

a. Daily check ins with Coordinators

I. Communicate on a daily basis with the team on the ground to make sure the priorities are being understood and the resources available to ensure the production schedule is being executed without interruptions.

b. Weekly check-ins with AD.

c. Weekly check-ins with Toronto team on PO progress, and any flags.

d. Ensure Coordinators are keeping production documents online up to date.

e. Ensure that emails are responded to according to urgency.

7. Act as a role model and representative of Me to We Artisans, and be able to speak about it effectively to guests and other team members.

8. Work above and beyond regular working hours depending on schedule, this includes Saturdays and Sundays.

9. Ready for last minute travel to Mara to help with order distribution, production QC, or duka support.

10. Any other duties assigned to you from time to time.


  1. Bachelor’s degree desired, and/or on the job experience in a similar field
  2. Excellent computer skills
  3. Excellent organizational and time management skills
  4. Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  5. Excellent project management skills
  6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  7. Proven track record of successfully training employees in productivity and safety Ability to coach and mentor employees on a one-on-one basis as well as a group
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