Project Manager at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to improve food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for better and more sustainable use of livestock. ILRI is a CGIAR research centre – part of a global research partnership for a food-secure future.


Program reporting and administration

  • Plan the project cycle for grants, including defining timelines and deliverable endpoints for all project work packages in conjunction with the relevant Principal Investigators (PIs) and Program Manager.
  • Work with academics and students in the project to plan, organize and implement field data collection and laboratory activities.
  • Co-ordinate project components with other members of the project team, on behalf of the PIs.
  • Pro-actively work with all project team members to ensure work plans are documented and on track and to identify problems before they arise, ideally achieved through regular (every 2 weeks) meetings with each of the project teams to oversee ongoing activities and catalyse the solving of any issues.
  • Implement and maintain projects database systems for lab and field data collection
  • Take primary responsibility for ensuring project data are collected appropriately with the support of project Principal investigators.
  • Manage existing online collaborative tools and contribute to the creation of new ones / or revise existing ones based on lessons learnt.
  • Maintain a contacts database for all project staff, students and visiting academics.
  • Maintain the project output repository in liaison with the ILRI communications staff in the Animal and Human Health program (for open access on the ILRI repository).
  • Write monthly summary reports for dissemination to all project members, summarizing project progress and progress in meeting project targets.
  • Travel internationally as required, for example to funder meetings overseas or programme-wide meetings in any country proposed by the funders.
  • Act as a liaison between the project and other aligned research activities in ILRI’s Animal and Human Health program as well as within the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health and CGIAR Research Program on Livestock.
  • Develop and maintain a Risk register and assist the PIs in managing risks to projects timely delivery.
  • Ensure compliance of all projects through Institutional Research Ethics Committee (IREC), Institutional Animal Care and Use committee (IACUC), Institutional Biosafety / Biosecurity committee (IBC) etc.

Budget management

  • Work with the program accountant and institutional program managers to oversee, plan and track the project budget.
  • Partner institutes have their own budgets (for staff expenditures), but the post holder will be responsible for tracking expenditure across all partner institutes.
  • Ensure timely sharing of budgetary information with senior budget staff.
  • Follow up with ILRI finance department to ensure disbursement of funds to partners.
  • Assist the Program Accountant in the monthly routine accounting duties.
  • Oversee day to day project field expenditure.
  • In consultation with the PI and co-PIs, draft annual reports to the donor/funder.
  • Manage stores supply/ordering with external suppliers and maintain up to date inventories of supplies and consumable shipping, including tracking budgetary allocations for these project activities

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