Project Manager, Value Chains and Financial Inclusion at Standard Bank Group

Job Purpose

To be responsible for the successful management and delivery of major and/or strategic Foundation projects from commencement to completion within the scope, budget and time agreed to in select value chains and areas in Kenya.

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Drive and oversee the execution of project activities
• Responsible for identifying, planning and delivering programs that are aimed at solving business problems and impacting SME’s operating within a selected value chain so that they can provide better services or products in that regard
• Responsible for the strategy, implementation plan, action and review of the programs that are aimed at enabling SMEs to become sustainable and profitable businesses
• Responsible for measuring outcomes against inputs/outputs and coming up with monitoring and evaluation methodology for all programs under their docket
• Support Head of Foundation in preparation of annual strategies and budgets to the board, and prudently manage the foundation’s resources within those budget guidelines
• Monthly monitoring, regular engagement management of the portfolio of accelerated SMEs, ensuring they meet their quarterly targets and budgets
• Oversight in overall value chain and SMEs selection and recruitment Foundation training, pedagogy, methodology, curricula development process and selection and implementation of training programs in the Value Chain and Financial Inclusion program
• Oversight on end to end development and administration of learning tool and resources
• Oversight on training quality control, assessments and evaluations on quarterly basis
• Co-ordinates application of training resources, locations and ensure optimal use of resources to generate greatest impact across select value chains, select SME needs and financial inclusion training provision in the Country
• Provide leadership to project team members (if any) on the projects and ensure that team members are motivated to deliver.
• Identify the most appropriate resources for the project, together with the business owners and other teams, whether from internal business or from external vendors.
• Guide the execution of all project activities and resolve or mitigate risks or issues that could impact the committed delivery of the project.
• Must have the ability to deliver on the programs by themselves in cases where there are no implementation partners
• Must have the ability and experience in coaching and mentoring SMEs and have proven methods of tracking and analysing progress of agreed upon actions from selected interventions for the business
• Be actively involved in finding ways to promote, create awareness, enhance visibility and build scale of the Foundation programs
Manage the assets, resources and finances of the Foundation
• Manage the assets, resources and finances of the Foundation
• Optimises and ensures alignment to procurement processes.
Responsible for Preparing documents for project.
• Ensure accurate record keeping, document and content management of all project and business specification documents, research results, investigations and correspondence.
• Generate Impact reports on a quarterly basis, set impact matrix and benchmarks at every quarter
• Policy and procedure development (using Stanbic Foundation’s policies and procedures)
• Responsible for reporting on a monthly basis to the relevant committees and contributing to the board pack as and when required
Support the process of initiating projects and perform project planning
• Responsible for ensuring that business cases for agreed projects are valid and approved before the commencement of new project work. Review the authorisation of the project dimensions (scope, cost) prior to commencing project activities.
• Participate in constituting the project board and identifying the correct project stakeholders. Engage with all the key stakeholders to ensure that they will be involved in the project at the correct level.
• Identify and manage project risks and issues, throughout the project life cycle. Raise all key risks and issues at a project board level.
• Build and manage project plans and schedules. Project plans should cover the various management plans covering scope, time, cost and quality management plans.
• Conduct estimations for project activities as it relates to their duration and resources required to perform the work.
• Conduct research into and make use of the appropriate existing intellectual property as relevant to the assigned project tasks. Ensure that existing information, processes and tools are maximised before recommending new approaches.
• Build relationships with key project participants include business owners, process owners and technology colleagues.
• Tell Foundation stories and showcase the impact being made at all levels on various channels – physical, digital, reports etc;
Ensure efficient and effective stakeholder engagement for Foundation
• Manages and continuously develops relationships with key training providers, sits in sessions and generates feedback to trainers on an on-going basis
• Oversight on training, mentorship and coaching for Financial inclusion program with SME cohorts as pre-agreed with service delivery partners
• Recruitment and management of potential entrepreneurs in various select value chains
• Develop a team that identifies and recruits SME’s to various co-horts and training programs as per Stanbic Foundations operational plans
• Constantly recruit partners to complement Stanbic Foundation’s contribution in terms of capital and skills, ensuring agreements are successfully concluded
• Critical success factor: Number of successful enterprises generated, and the impact thereof
• Impact on micro enterprises applying financial knowledge and tools as part of the Financial inclusion journey
• Develop and maintain partnerships externally and internally that will enable better delivery of projects

Preferred Qualification and Experience

First Degree in Business Commerce
Degree or Diploma in Human and Social Studies
Diploma or Degree in Project Management

At least 3-4years’ work experience managing a small business or in a managerial position within the financial industry or organisation that supports SMEs.
A strong and demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship and promotion of entrepreneurship, preferably with some experience investing in or developing an early stage venture, with reasonable appreciation of innovation and new technologies

Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise

The ideal candidate will be comfortable with exposure and access to start-ups and established companies, business leaders, entrepreneurs, media and government, and be able to with confidence and presence represent the foundation to these stakeholders

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