Provision of Index based livestock Insurance (IBLI) Cover


Project Title: Community Resilience Building in Livelihood and Disaster Risk Management (REBUILD)**

Location: Tana River County

Duration: 1 year with possibility of renewal

Reports to: REBUILD Project Manager

Objective: Provision of Index based livestock Insurance (IBLI) Cover

1. Background

CISP – Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli (International Committee for the Development of Peoples) is a rights-based international NGO established in 1983 in Rome. CISP implements humanitarian, rehabilitation, and development projects through its cooperation with public and private local actors in over 30 countries globally. Since 1997 CISP has been working in Kenya to carry out projects in areas of development by supporting national and county authorities to provide quality, equitable, transparent, and accountable services in various sectors. Over the past 23 years, CISP Kenya has expanded its activities across more than 12 Counties in both rural and urban areas in various sectors of intervention, including Agriculture and Food Security, Conservation, Livelihoods, Health and Nutrition, Protection (children, refugees, GBV), Education (early childhood, university), Governance, and Arts and Culture.

CISP is the lead agency in a consortium of partners (GROOTS, Nature Kenya, Procasur and NDMA) implementing a multi-year European Union (EU)-funded project (EU REBUILD) on resilience building and food security in Tana Delta and Tana River sub-Counties of Tana River County. The project is an integrated, multi-sectoral response to food security and sustainable livelihood challenges faced by agro-pastoralist and pastoralist communities, including drought and other effects of climate change. The project aims to enhance resilience of these communities through improving food and nutrition security of vulnerable households, especially for women and children, generating sustainable livelihoods and protecting productive assets.

Intervention logic

Overall objective

The aim of the project is to contribute towards increased resilience of communities in ASAL areas of Kenya to drought and other effects of climate change.

Specific objective/ outcomes

a) To enhance food and nutrition security of vulnerable households, especially for women and children.

b) To generate sustainable livelihoods and protect productive assets.**

Relevant Result Area

Result 3: Key productive household assets and community investments are sustainably protected and safeguarded against recurrent droughts and the effect of climate change and recovery capacities are strengthened.

Relevant activity Area

R3A1: Livestock insurance introduced to at least 200 HHs in Tana river and Tana delta sub-counties:

3.1.1 Support 200 pastoralist HHs to the introduction of asset protection types Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI).

· Mass familiarization awareness raising on benefits and process of IBLI including visual materials like poster and leaflets

· Facilitate insurance agreement between pastoralists/farmers and the insurance company

· Select and trained Village Insurance Promoters (VIP- community opinion/ leaders/change agents) in collaboration with insurance provider

· Subsidizing the first round (pioneers) insurance premium up to 40%

2.0 Objective of the Assignment

EU REBUILD project is seeking the services of an Insurance Service Provider with the following objective: To Provide Index bases livestock Insurance (IBLI) cover to 200 pastoralist farmers in Tana River and Tana Delta Sub-Counties.

This is designed to provide an opportunity to selected herder groups insure their livestock against losses associated with seasonality in Tana River and Tana delta Sub-counties. It is designed to develop a sustainable commercial insurance market for livestock insurance in the sub-counties and builds on the experience of the IBLI concept, previously implemented in pastoralists counties. To make index insurance more accessible and affordable to small-scale pastoralists, CISP will provide partial premium subsidy support capped at 40% pf total annual premium rate for this result area of the EU-REBUILD project to a designated number TLUs **

2.1. Subsidy for voluntary purchase

This will be used as strategy and best practice in providing protection for farmers for their livestock when they incur losses by reducing the risk impact and proved timely recovery in case of a disaster. This includes other benefits such as access of markets, unlock access to credits, farmers to purchase livestock feeds and increase in their Income.

To enhance sustainability, CISP will provide 40% subsidy on commercial premium charged by underwriter and approved by CISP. The subsidy will be available to all the pastoralists in the Tana River and Tana Delta Sub-counties where IBLI will be offered. The qualify beneficiary will be required to raise the remaining 60% of the total commercial premium. The subsidy is capped at a minimum of 5 TLUs and a maximum of 10 TLUs per herder; those who may want to buy over and above what is subsidized can still do so but will pay market premium rates

3.0 Scope of Services and 4.0 Deliverables

The main expected services and deliverables from this consultancy assignment will be:

50 Service provider timeframe

· The IBLI component will use the general pasture drought conditions in Kenya in two rainy seasons: Short rains (Oct to Dec) and Long rains (March to June).

· There are two sales windows in a year.

· The subsidy budget for Component 2 is split between short and long rain seasons.

· The short rains season sales window (August to September) and

· The Long rains sales window (January to February).

· The subsidy budget will be stated in the service level agreement (SLA).

6. Coordination of field visits

The Service Provider will make its own logistic arrangements and cover all relevant expenses associated with the service, collaborate with CISP in registration of beneficiaries, and meeting logistic expenses. CISP and partners will assist in the provision of requisite background information and where possible will link up the Service Provider with field-based personnel. CISP and partners will facilitate contact with key stakeholders including national and county focal points from County government, NDMA, target geographical area and community groups and other key stakeholders.

7. Ethics and child protection

There is obliged to respect the following ethical and child protection requirements:

· Conflict of interest: The Insurance provider must demonstrate the necessary independence and declare any conflict of interest and potential biases, including bias towards any of the stakeholders, target beneficiaries, beneficiaries sensitization methodologies or approach, social, political, or religious prejudice.

· Based on rights and ethics: The Insurance provider must respect the rights and dignity of interested herders as well as comply with relevant ethical standards and CISP Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct. The insurance provider must ensure appropriate, safe, non-discriminatory participation, a process of free and un-coerced consent and withdrawal and confidentiality and anonymity of participants.

8.0 Capability and Technical Experience Statement

Demonstrate capabilities and technical experience by providing the following:

  1. Organization Overview: This information shall include the organization’s previous experience in carrying such assignments (providing IBLI service).

  2. Capabilities Statement

  3. Project Approach/Methodology proposed to carry out assignment

  4. Implementing Partner/underwriter/Subcontractor Information (if applicable)

  5. Activity (work) Schedule/Timeline of Activities

  6. Detailed information about how support & service will be administered to the target IBLI beneficiaries

9.0 Payment

Parties will agree on payment schedule with the successful bidder that will be based on achievement of set milestones.

10.0 Evaluation Criteria


Each Insurance Company shall be expected to submit alongside their bid an appointed Insurance Broker if applicable, who will be mandated to liase with the Procuring Entity in the management of the Policy. If the insurance company contract an insurance broker, the insurance Broker shall be evaluated as per the criteria provided.

Tenderers who attain a Technical score of 70% marks and above will proceed to the financial evaluation

How to apply

Applications with non-returnable copies of the technical and financial proposals, testimonials and sample of previous work should be submitted on or before 5th February 2021 and via email to [email protected] cc [email protected],[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected];

All applications should include all of the following:

1. Cover letter (maximum 1 page)

Technical and Financial proposal should be submitted as separate documents within the same application.**

  1. Technical proposal (max 8 pages): The technical proposal should include, at a minimum:

a) Profile of the Service provider with particular emphasis on previous experience in similar service (IBLI), in Kenya and in other countries if applicable.

b) Full list of the staff that will assist in implementation of the IBLI activities with description of their roles.

c) Description of the proposed approach and methodology (including payment of premiums by beneficiaries, valuation of a Tropical Livestock Unit (TLU), payment of claims to beneficiaries when there is a claim etc.) with clear justifications, understanding of the TOR and the service to be accomplished.

d) Proposed workplan, including the expected level of effort and schedule of activities in a tabular form.

e) Description of how COVID regulations, restrictions and guidelines will be considered and adhered to during implementation of the IBLI activities.

f) Only those proposals deemed satisfactory, with a minimum score of 70% at the technical evaluation stage will proceed for the financial evaluation stage

  1. Financial Proposal: The Financial Proposals should be clear and effective to achieve output-based deliverables and key performance measures, while demonstrating Value for Money. The Financial Proposals should be inclusive of all costs required to render the services and achieve the deliverables of this TOR. The costs assigned with each output should be sufficiently detailed and any financial risks must be highlighted. The currency used for the Financial Proposal shall be in Kenya Shillings and should include all relevant taxes applicable.

DOWNLOAD EU REBUILD index based livestock insurance TOR Here

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