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Provision of website design, web development & management, training and technical support for the Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) Program Website

1. Background

The Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) program, funded by USAID under the Human Rights Support Mechanism (HRSM), focuses on increasing awareness and general knowledge of legal rights, human rights, and options for recourse, especially for Somali women, youth, and marginalized groups. It responds to citizens’ needs by supporting civil society and justice actors in sustainably improving the quality and scope of legal services. The program’s aim is to ensure that individuals and communities, especially women and marginalized groups, obtain a rights-based resolution of their justice issues. The program is implemented by Pact and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI).

EAJ is looking to recruit a creative, high achieving web design company (service provider) with an outstanding record in web design work to redesign its current website.

2. Objectives

EAJ seeks to contract a service provider with significant experience in designing websites for International Public Interest Companies working in Kenya and/or Somalia

  • Objectives – EAJ plans to re-design its current website. The goal is to develop website with cutting -edge architecture and design features and professionally produced content. It should be more attractive and user friendly.
  • Requirements – EAJ requires the service provider to re-design our website and provide a successful web design while understanding the functional requirements for the website. The service provider must understand from the start the website’s goals in order to provide the best functionality. How is content managed? Does the website need a mobile version or will responsive design work?
  • Design – The web design company is required to organizing the web design project by listing who is responsible for various parts of the project. It should include design or programming deadlines, client review and approval during the project, and deadlines for all of these deliverables. It should also provide an outline of an organizational map which is essential for the project to progress.
  • Content– The content provided by the service provider, based on information supplied by the program staff, will comprehensively prepare the website for its launch. The service provider will need to utilize a professional writer or writing team and graphics artist for this purpose, with all writing expected to be of international media standards and properly proofed and edited.
  • Additional areas of support -special programming needs, and any work that must be done other than design work to complete a website design project.

Deadline for the project will be shared by the EAJ Web Management team.

3. The Assignment

Pact is seeking to engage the services of a web design firm with a demonstrable track record of developing high quality website and their content to create an attractive, responsive and dynamic website.

3.1. Deliverables

Provide EAJ with the following:

  • A thorough work plan indicating the process it will follow.
  • Provide multiple designs to management and the EAJ communications team to choose from within 2 weeks of signing the contract.
  • Work with the EAJ Communications team to populate the site with content that will be shared by the team.
  • Ensure the website is responsive!
  • Ensure the website contains relevant features to ensure industry-standard user analytics can be undertaken by the program
  • The website should be designed to reach a larger targeted audience!
  • It should have a user-friendly capability!
  • Provide a website Maintenance plan in order to the site.
  • The web design company should incorporate graphics into the web design.
  • Provide a complete layout to the EAJ team.
  • The website should incorporate and/or embed linked to the EAJ’s Twitter site
  • Provide an evaluation of the web management, development and design, their use of it, and its impact.
  • Provide a final evaluation report that evaluates progress made during the development of the EAJ website.
  • Brief weekly and quarterly updates on progress in web development and the impact of the audience.

3.2 Web training and support


  • Enable effective website management for each member of the communications team.
  • Provide a practical understanding of web designing and web management.
  • Build staff capacity to produce compelling content and use of graphics.
  • Optimize the interactive elements of the website to directly address audience interests.
  • Enable the use of audience analytics to improve website.
  • Provide tools and templates to enable EAJ web team to manage, produce, monitor, and evaluate the website.
  • The writing team is expected to provide a concise style sheet to guide staff in writing future content, along with photographs, for the website

4. Contract information

Contract duration: Two months **

Period of performance: The assignment is desired to commence no more than 10 days from the date of the scope of work (SOW) advertisement. The company must provide a site templates with the current content for approval within 2 weeks of signing the contract.

5. Requirements for company

  • Web Design experience and expertise in maintaining websites
  • Evidence of previous similar web development, design and management
  • At least 5 years’ experience of both the company and its experts in the development, design and management of websites.
  • Evidence of knowledge of Strong Web Design skills
  • Provide details of the company’s assigned experts on Web Management, Development and design.

Pact never charges fees to job candidates, and we only do business using @pactworld.org email addresses. If you’ve been asked to pay to apply or interview for a Pact position, it is a scam.

How to apply

6. Procedure for submission of expression of interest

Submit your technical proposal and supporting documents to [email protected] by COB Monday 11th May 2020 quoting “EAJ Web Management, Development and Design” on the subject line.

The documents should include:

  • Company Profile to include Curriculum Vitae of staff who will carry out the work (Maximum 3 pages)
  • An application that includes a narrative plan and budget
  • Samples of similar work done in Somalia or similar context
  • Only short-listed candidates/companies will be contacted with the request to present their proposal to the EAJ selection Committee.
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