Public Service Internship Programme (June, 2020 Recommended Jobs)

The Commission dates back to 1954 when Civil Service Commission was established by British Colonial Government following Holmes Commission Report, 1948; Civil Service Commission was advisory to the Governor in matters of appointments; At independence in 1963 it was enshrined in the constitution and renamed Public Service Commission; Independence Constitution had Regional PSC’s but abolished in 1964 following constitutional amendments; It is the oldest Constitutional Commission and its mandate has expanded over the years. The Commission then constituted of a chairman, a deputy chairman and fifteen members all appointed by the President. The Commission, since then, has handled matters of human resource management in the public service especially the civil service and local authorities. Constitution of Kenya, 2010 promulgated on 27th August 2010 reconstituted the Commission with a redefined and expanded mandate and a lean membership.

The Public Service Internship Programme is a Government initiative designed to offer the opportunity for graduates to acquire and develop valuable technical and  professional  skills  as  well  as  work  experience  in  the Public  Service. Through the Programme, the interns will gain life-skills and values such as integrity, transparency and accountability, which are essential for national transformation, patriotism and citizen honesty.
The Public Service Commission (PSC) is pleased to announce to the general public the recruitment of Six Thousand (6000) Interns scheduled to take place in the month of August, 2020.


For appointment to an internship position, a candidate must: • Have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university; • Have graduated not earlier than the year 2015; • Be proficient in computer skills; and • Be energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas. INTERNSHIP DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES
Duties include, but not limited to: i. Completing duties mutually agreed upon and assigned by the supervisors; ii. Documenting relevant skills acquired in their areas of deployment; and iii. Actively participating in any relevant mentorship activities and additional responsibilities designed for the programme.


Twelve (12) months.


The intern will be paid a stipend at a rate to be determined by the Public Service Commission.


On successful completion of the Internship Programme, the intern will be awarded a certificate.

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