PVC Specialist (Talent Pooling only) at RA International

RA International is Africa’s leading remote site service provider. We offer fully integrated camp services, from the construction of camp facilities to full life support services -including camp catering and camp maintenance services – for clientele operating in remote and challenging environments.

We are looking to hire a PVC Specialist to be based in Kenya with Minimum of five (5) years of general vector and pest control experience in a reputable organisation or government agency.Must have an associate’s Degree with a major in biology or a closely related field,

OR two years of full-time experience in mosquito abatement or vector control work.

Selected candidate must be able to:

  • Inspect assigned area for mosquito and other vector breeding sources.
  • Maintain an awareness of patterns and practices conducive to mosquito and other vector breeding which are significant to the timing of operations;
  • Identify vector species and stages of development;
  • Apply insecticides as needed,
  • Select appropriate material to perform tasks.
  • Calculate dosage rates and equipment to obtain optimum coverage and results.
  •  Maintain an awareness of ecologically sensitive sources and use treatment regime appropriate for habitat
  • Initiate planning for fogging application and provides information required for an effective result.
  • Reinspect treated areas to evaluate efficiency of treatment.
  • Maintain records of work done.
  • Assist with population monitoring of adult mosquitoes and other arthropods.
  • Assist with vector-borne disease surveillance program.
  • Perform routine arthropod identification and maintain pertinent records.
  • Prepare and revise operational maps, including properties, topographic characteristics, and other features relevant to mosquito and vector control operations.
  • Record significant changes on maps and use a computer to compile data as directed on work done, types of service, costs, and vector population history, and otherwise assist in collecting and compiling data.
  • Drive vehicle and use power and hand spray equipment in a safe manner.
  • Keep equipment in working order.
  •  Perform general labor, and operate equipment used in vector control activities as required.
  • Keep informed of policies, procedures and pertinent scientific advances; keep supervisor informed of progress and problems.

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