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Q&A: Answering Job Promotion Interview Questions

Being considered for a promotion or applying for one can be a great opportunity to advance your career and use your expertise to help the company succeed in a new way. It also comes with great advantages like a salary increment or a better office space.

Even if you believe that you are a great candidate for the position, you will still have to go through the interview process. You must put an effort to prepare for the interview. Before we dive into answering common promotion interview questions, we need to also understand what a promotion interview is.

A promotion interview occurs when a position opens up at the same company in which you’re currently employed. You then apply for said job and are offered to interview as any potential employee would.

Here are some of the questions you can expect to be asked;

What do you like best about your current position at the company?

Your employer may ask this question because they want to see if you’re a positive person who enjoys working at the company and isn’t just trying to find a way out of your current role.

A great answer could be: I’ve enjoyed getting to strategize and problem-solve with my team to figure out how to grow our audience. I’ve learned a lot and have had a great support system while I improve at implementing and adjusting our strategies.

What was your biggest achievement in your department?

This is an opportunity to show why you are ready to move up and how great of a candidate you are. Be as detailed as possible with the results of your success and, if possible, share an example that relates to the new position. 

Example: I was made the team leader for a new project for the first time last year. Even though I had never had that position before, I was able to take advantage of the professional development resources and support the company provides, and our team successfully completed the project ahead of schedule.

Why do you want the new role?

Employers want to know your motivation behind applying for a promotion. When you answer this question, be sure to point out any of the ways that your motivation matches the company’s values or vision.

A great answer: During my time in this position, I’ve been able to improve my skills in a variety of capacities. Now, I feel that I’m ready to use the experience I’ve gained in this new role, which will allow me to better support the sales team by mentoring and leading them. One of the company’s values is excellence, and I believe that I could produce even more excellent work by using my skills in this position.

Why should we consider you for this promotion?

This is another opportunity to talk about the skills that set you apart. Be confident when answering.

Example: I should be considered for this position because I have been successfully taking on more responsibility in my current role and have led my team to success in a number of projects. These projects have changed the way our department operates and increased sales. I believe that my skills and leadership experience will allow me to be just as successful in this role, benefitting the company as a whole.

Can you tell us what you know about this position?

Your answer to this question will show how invested you are in this position, since applicants who have put in the time to do their research are probably more invested than those who haven’t.

A sample answer: I know that this position handles a lot of client and employee needs and complaints, which requires a great deal of problem-solving and professionalism. I also know that this role relies heavily on teamwork within the department and requires being on-call during the weekends.

If promoted, what would you hope to accomplish in the next few months?

This question is to show the employer what your vision for the position is. Make sure you give specific action points and not just vague answers.

Example: I hope to double the department’s productivity by improving team organization, identifying and cutting down unproductive time, and increasing morale and motivation. I will also help my team set and reach goals for themselves during this time.

What would your reaction be if you don’t get the promotion?

The hard part about applying for a different job within the same company is that it can get awkward if you don’t get the position. The employer wants to know how you’ll respond to rejection and if you’ll stay with the company if you aren’t offered the job.

Example: While I will be disappointed if I don’t get this position, I do understand that you may determine that someone else is the best fit for it. If that does happen, I will remain in my current role where I will continue to work to further the company and produce an excellent product.


Don’t get ahead of yourself because the position is internal. Take time to prepare and do proper research.

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