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Request for Proposals (National Individuals Only) Consultancy for a Water Engineer for Lwanda Kina Irrigation Project Construction in Siaya County



1. Introduction

The Micro-Enterprises Support Programme Trust (MESPT), has since the year 2002 developed a niche in supporting the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by providing integrated business solutions for sustainable development. The Trust is a multi-donor entity jointly founded by the Government of Kenya and the European Union who later relinquished their position to the Royal Danish Embassy in Kenya. Through its vision of being the leading and preferred provider of resources for the development of enterprises, MESPT is anchored on three pillars namely: (1). Green Growth Development which entails promotion of Resource Efficient, Clean and Climate Sensitive Technologies & Solutions, (2). Enterprise Development that involves market development for MSMEs through a value chain approach to enhance effectiveness and (3). Value Chain Development that encompasses an all-inclusive and holistic View of the Micro-Enterprise as they engage with upstream and downstream stakeholders.

Currently, MESPT is implementing the DANIDA Country Programme dubbed the Green Growth and Employment Programme 2016-2020 whose thematic objective is “Inclusive greener growth with higher employment” and will be achieved by focusing support on sustainable growth/jobs from investment/trade and Sustainable use of natural resources and community resilience. Under these two intervention areas, MESPT is committed in carrying out green growth initiatives in its selection value chains. Among these will be initiatives geared to promoting consistent access to irrigation water aimed at enhancing production and productivity levels.

Further, MESPT is also implementing the AGRIFI programme in Kenya whose objective is to strengthen the capacities of actors along selected value chains through the Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education Training -ATVET system approach. Activities under this will inter alia include supporting the upgrading, development and upscaling of agriculture and agri-business value chain-based training curriculums under ATVET. Under the second result area, the project will increase the capacity of private sector to implement and enforce standards on SPS. Furthermore, the project supports Counties in testing and surveillance and enforcement of Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary regulations. The approach comprises of various interrelated methodologies: market-driven approach, competitive selection of counties/beneficiaries, training of Trainers, blended Learning Methodology and use of incentives.

2. Background and Rationale of the assignment **

In her relentless efforts to socially, and economically transform people’s livelihoods, MESPT identified a potential project that is based Siaya County, targeting in excess of 1200 farmers during the initial phase but with a capacity of impacting more than 10,000 farmers. The project entails water abstraction from River Nzoia, construction of a main capillary that will feed into a reservoir tank and later construct sub-capillaries that will distribute the metered water to at least 1200 households within 3 sub-counties. The project has been structured as follow: – (I). river water abstraction (intake works) from River Nzoia, (ii). pump house and accessories, (iii). main pipeline to the highest elevation in the area, (iv). pressed steel reservoir tank, and (v). distribution pipeline to the three sub-locations. The project has also appropriated funds that will empower local youth and women in brick making (for construction of household water reservoir tanks) and introduction of agri-business initiatives.

3. Objective of the consultancy

Quality Assurance consultant will be required to provide professional inputs, advice, and support to the implementation of the project through provision of appropriate and fit for purpose designs/advice where necessary throughout the project period. The Consultant will be responsible for submission of all relevant technical documents duly prepared and stamped to MESPT for necessary payments. He/she will also take steps to engage, consider and incorporate the requirements of the relevant regulatory agencies as applicable. **

4. Scope of the assignment

Over and above provision of full supervision services throughout the duration of the civil works/infrastructure contract, and in accordance with the terms of MESPT’s grant agreement, the advisor will also be expected to provide technical insight in all decisions that will have cost, time or quality implications, as well as instructions or changes that shall impact time, cost or quality of the project.

5. Expected Deliverables

a. Constructability Report which will be considered as an inception report based on projects technical documents available **

b. Monthly Progress Reports to include information on: **

i. Progress of Worksites results **

ii. Environmental performance **

iii. Site Safety Claim assessment and Recommendations **

iv. Cost assessment/analysis and Recommendations **

v. Time assessment/analysis and Recommendations **

vi. Excerpts/Copies of Site Diary Copy of Contractor’s Claim **

vii. Minutes of Site Meetings**

c. Relevant phased reports required by MESPT for payments to be made as per payment deliverables for maji kubwa contractor **

d. Final project completion report **

6. Outcomes of the Consultancy

Effective management and supervision of Lwanda Kina Project in accordance with planned schedules to its logical conclusion.

7. Duration/Indicative Schedule/Level of Effort

This assignment will not be for more than three months and not later than 30th October 2020.

8. Reporting

The advisor will be reporting directly to Program Manager and work closely with MESPT VCO on daily management issues.

9. Resources

The Consultant will be paid in accordance with MESPT guidelines. MESPT will also prepare a detailed contract for the exercise and will retain 5% Withholding Tax as required by Kenya Revenue Authority.

10. Payment Plan

The payment plan to the Consultant will be as follows: –

a) 20% Constructability /Inception report

b) 30% progress on the project, submission of a detailed report and issuance of a progress certificate

c) 30% Upon practical completion, submission of a detailed report and issuance of a completion certificate

d) 20% Status report and issuance of a certificate on defect liability as per Maji Kubwa Contract

11. Ownership and Beneficiaries of the proposals

All documents produced under this assignment shall be the sole property of MESPT and may be used for any purpose whatsoever without the need to consult with the author.

12. Qualification and Competencies

The desired qualifications and competencies are: –

i) A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or its equivalent and at least 10 (ten) years of professional experience.

ii) At least 3 (three) years of public sector project experience in the design; managing construction and supervision of small and medium scale irrigation system and rehabilitation with similar responsibilities.

iii) Must be a registered member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya

How to apply


2.4 Submission, Receipt and opening of proposals

The Financial Proposal and the Technical Proposal files MUST BE COMPLETELY SEPARATE and emailed separately through [email protected] and clearly named as either “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” or “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL”. The subject of the email should clearly capture the tender number & description. The file with the “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” must be encrypted with a password so that it cannot be opened nor viewed until the Proposal has been found to pass the technical evaluation stage. Once a Proposal has been found to be responsive by passing the technical evaluation stage, MESPT shall request via email the Proposer to submit the password to open the Financial Proposal.

.Deadline for submission of proposals is 4th August 2020 at 5:00 pm

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