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Resident-Hire U.S. Personal Service Contractor (USPSC) EXO LOGISTICS & OPERATIONS SPECIALIST (U.S citizens only)

Solicitation #: MN 20-62

Issuance Date: 07/06/2020

Closing Time: 07/20/2020 at 10:00 AM Nairobi Time

SUBJECT: Solicitation for Resident-Hire U.S. Personal Service Contractor (USPSC) EXO LOGISTICS & OPERATIONS SPECIALIST – (GS 12)

Dear Prospective Offerors:

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International

Development (USAID), is seeking offers from qualified persons to provide personal services under contract as described in this solicitation. Only U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permeant Residents currently residing in Kenya may apply.

Offers must be submitted in accordance with Attachment 1, Sections I through V of this solicitation. Incomplete or unsigned offers will not be considered. Offerors should retain copies of all offer materials for their records.

This solicitation does not obligate USAID to award a PSC contract, nor does it commit USAID to pay for any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of the offer.

Any questions must be emailed to Francis Kavulu at [email protected] and Bryan Moody at [email protected]



Bryan Moody

Contracting Officer

USAID/Kenya and East Africa

ATTACHMENT 1 – Solicitation



2. ISSUANCE DATE: 07/06/2020**

3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: 07/20/2020 at 1000 AM local time**


5. MARKET VALUE: $66,167 – $86,021 equivalent to GS-12

Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value.

6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE (Five years): two base years with 3-one-year options. Estimated start of performance is in August 2020.

7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Nairobi, Kenya with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work.


9. MEDICAL CLEARANCE: The apparently successful applicant must be able to obtain required medical clearance as a pre-condition for employment.**


U.S. citizens currently residing in Kenya. Resident hire means a U.S. citizen who, at the time of hire as a PSC, resides in the cooperating country as a spouse or dependent of a U.S. citizen employed by a U.S. government agency or under any U.S. government-financed contract or agreement, or for reasons other than for employment with a U.S. government agency or under any U.S. government-financed contract or agreement. A U.S. citizen for purposes of this definition also includes persons who at the time of contracting are lawfully admitted permanent residents of the United States.

AIDAR Appendix D, section 4(d) and section 12, contract clause 22 state that Resident-Hire USPSCs are not eligible for any fringe benefits, differentials, or allowances; and are only eligible for contributions for FICA, health insurance, and life insurance.


The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.

12. POINT OF CONTACT: Francis Kavulu, e-mail at [email protected] with a copy to Bryan Moody, e-mail at [email protected]



The position is located in USAID Nairobi, Kenya Mission and assigned to the Executive Office (EXO). The incumbent manages USAID building operations, including space management and planning; s/he manages TDY portfolio for the Mission; serves as a liaison between USAID and RSO; develops and manages policies and programs designed to streamline EXO operations. As the position dictates heavy Inter-Agency coordination, the incumbent will be required to work closely and effectively with the American Embassy administrative and security staff to ensure that USAID building operation issues, as well as interagency and security processes are well coordinated and promptly addressed and/or resolved. As many of the functional areas of responsibility will be event driven and time-sensitive in nature, the incumbent must have the demonstrated ability to effectively plan, coordinate and execute decisions made by mission management and senior leaders.


1. The incumbent serves as USAID Logistics & Operations Specialist, being a designated liaison and primary point of contact for USAID to the General Services Office (GSO) and the Regional Security Office (RSO) for required security access requests, Motor pool transport and coordination, and venue facilitation. Additionally, the incumbent will be required to provide assistance for off-site events and logistical support actions for the Mission. This includes reviewing facilities for events and coordinating actions with the Facilities and GSO, USAID/EXO Procurement, and other offices, as needed.

2. Assists with the administering of the mission’s security program under the guidance of the mission’s Unit Security Officer (usually, the Executive Officer). The incumbent may serve as alternate Unit Security Officer for the mission, sand will assist the S/EXO on administering systems and procedures required by the RSO (e.g. tracking arrivals and departures; TDYers; events).

3. Responsible for managing the tracking and reporting of the personnel arriving in the country on a temporary duty status (TDY). This includes but is not limited to collecting their flight information, hotel information (ensuring hotel is approved by RSO), contact and personal data prior to arrival in the country, to ensure compliance with current security directives and requirements. Based on his/her recommendations, S/EXO processes electronic country clearances (eCC) for incoming TDY personnel. The incumbent prepares regular reports for RSO and the Front Office with detailed information on the number of TDYers in the country under the Chief of Mission Authority. The incumbent manages and tracks incoming requests to the EXO for lodging accommodations for the Mission TDY personnel, ensuring RSO compliance with security requirements. S/he is the recognized point of contact for assistance and support to USAID TDYers.

4. Responsible for building operations. This includes working with individual Office Chiefs to identify requirements for office reconfigurations or improvements, drafting scopes of work and formulating detailed floor plans and layouts, overseeing the selection and procurement of office furniture, liaising with Embassy’s Facilities and GSO personnel and/or working with USAID/OMD, overseeing renovation projects, and inspecting completed work for quality.

5. Manages periodic rightsizing exercises, working closely with USAID HR, EXO and the Front Office to account for potential future growth or downsizing. S/he is the liaison with the Facilities Manager and GSO, working to implement USAID priorities.


(a) Supervision Received: This position is directly supervised by the USDH Supervisory Executive Officer and/or designee who will establish overall objectives and the incumbent and supervisor will together develop deadlines, projects, and work to be done.

(b) Available Guidelines: Mission Orders, Mission Notices, USAID Automated Directive System (ADS), oral guidance from the supervisor and other senior staff members.

(c) Exercise of Judgment: Good judgment is required to analyze, interpret and adapt prior experience to the duties/responsibilities required of this position particularly as Agency and/or Post guidelines are updated and new EXO and/or Management initiatives are implemented. Within a range determined by the immediate supervisor, the incumbent exercises independent judgment in planning and follow-up of actions and work assignments. The incumbent will work with a level of independence in the performance of routine and daily work assignment and/or tasks.

(d) Authority to Make Commitments: The incumbent will have no independent authority to make any resources commitments or commit U.S. Government (USG) or USAID Executive Office funds on behalf of the USG or the USAID Mission in Nairobi, Kenya.

(e) Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: To effectively function in this position, the incumbent will be required to establish and maintain effective and collaborative working relationships with all categories of EXO and Mission personnel. The incumbent will work closely with: 1) members of the EXO Office staff; 2) appropriate USAID mission personnel; and 3) American Embassy, Nairobi Management and General Services Office staff. The purpose of these contacts will include but not be limited to regular and/or routine exchange of information; and, upon direct request from the Supervisory Executive Officer may liaise with Senior Mission Leadership in the assigned area(s) of expertise and only related to USAID-specific logistics and operations issues.

(f) Supervision Exercised: The position is designated non-supervisory, and as such, the incumbent will have no supervisory role or responsibility.

(g) Time Required to Prove Working Knowledge of Full Range of Duties: Six months upon entry on duty.


A. Minimum Qualifications

In order to be considered for the position, offerors must meet the minimum qualifications listed below. Applications will be pre-screened and only those that complete and meet the minimum qualifications will be considered for further review.

Minimum Qualification

1. Education

A Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Law, Public Policy, International Relations, Public Administration, Business, Finance, Accounting, Management, or a related field is required.

2. Minimum Work Experience

Ten years or more of progressively responsible experience in performing and supervising management operations including a minimum of five year overseas, specifically related to administrative management for a large and complicated organizations, including property management, procurement, contracting is required. Demonstrated successful experience in the field of management and administration including administration, management analysis and planning, general services, travel, procurement, budgeting, planning and contract management aspects of administrative management operations.

3. Skills and Abilities

Demonstrated ability to manage organizational support functions including teams in difficult overseas environments, ensuring that offices or U.S. diplomatic locations are well-supported. The ability to operate U.S. government computer systems is a necessary skill. The ability to communicate fluently in the English language is required. demonstrated ability to be a customer service-oriented team player, with a keen ability to operate independently and with self-sufficiency if necessary, in complex situations.

B. Evaluation and Selection Factors

Candidates will be evaluated and ranked based on the following selection criteria/ranking factors below which add up to a maximum score of 100 points. Reference check will be conducted for the apparently successful candidate and will be Pass/Fail.

Selection Factors

1. Prior Work Experience (40 points)

Proven experience in independently planning, designing and carrying out administrative programs is required.

Experience in the field of project management, contracting and administration of real property development, architectural and engineering projects also required.

Experience in personnel administration, management analysis and planning, general services and travel, with a demonstrated knowledge of purchasing and procurement, budgeting, planning and management operations required is required.

2. Knowledge (30 points)

Knowledge of the interagency foreign affairs manuals, programming, planning, budgeting, procurement and contracting management procedures and regulations is required.

Thorough knowledge of USG personnel management is required as well as experience and knowledge of USG regulations, systems, consolidation of administrative services (ICASS) and managing office moves and/or remodeling projects is required.

A thorough understanding of organizational structure specific to management procedures which govern logistical support functions within a busy Executive Front Office and mission-wide environment is required. In addition, hands-on working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is required.

3. Skills and Abilities (30 points)

The incumbent must have outstanding organizational and planning skills, the ability to multi-task; meet stringent time sensitive delivery deadlines; ability to establish and maintain effective and collegial working relationships with all categories of mission and interagency employees; ability to build a consensus; the ability to work in a culturally rich and diverse work environment; have well-honed listening skills; and the ability to present written documents with little or no editorial changes. The incumbent must have the ability to work calmly, tactfully, and effectively under pressure and demonstrated extreme flexibility to manage competing priorities in the performance of daily duties and responsibilities.

Excellent interpersonal and communications skills are required to develop and maintain collaborative and effective working relationships with the EXO; the USAID Mission in Kenya; and representatives from the various offices within the Embassy. In this key position, the ability to adapt to the existing management team and work well with, and adhere to, in place EXO strategic agendas required.

4. Reference Check

Only for apparently successful candidate.

How to apply

Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted to the Point of Contact in Section I, item 12.

A. Applicants must include in their application package the following:

  1. Eligible offerors are required to complete and submit the offer form AID 309-2, “Offeror Information for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals”, available at http://www.usaid.gov/forms;

  2. To ensure consideration of offers for the intended position, Offerors must prominently reference the Solicitation number in the offer submission;

  3. A cover letter of no more than 2 pages that demonstrates how the offeror’s qualifications meet the work requirements;

  4. A curriculum vitae (CV / Resume) which, at a minimum, describes education, work experiences and career achievements;

  5. A copy of the applicant’s qualifying bachelor degree certificate.

  6. Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted to Francis Kavulu at [email protected] and Bryan Moody at [email protected]

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