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Six-Month Safety and Security Consultancy

About LPI:

LPI is an international organisation that has been working with peace and conflict issues for 35 years. Its formation was the result of a major international conference of church leaders at the height of the Cold War in the 1980s.

Since its formation, LPI has carried out programmes for conflict transformation in a variety of countries, conducted research, and produced numerous publications on nonviolent conflict transformation and the role of religion in conflict and peacebuilding. In recent decades, the focus of our work has been on Africa, with the Horn of Africa Programme being established and well-known in the 1990s, not least our work in Somalia. Other initiatives have been carried out in Congo-Brazzaville, Croatia, Sri Lanka and East Timor. We have strengthened the capacity of our civil society partners to address the conflicts in their own context, in some of the most difficult and war-torn countries.

Currently, we run conflict transformation programmes in the Horn of Africa and Great Lakes regions in partnership with local civil society organisations and universities in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). There is also a common programme including publications, policy work and methodology design based in Sweden.

Background to the Consultancy:

In 2018 LPI underwent a Security Assessment to review our Security Framework and practices around security and safety. As a result, we decided to develop a new framework, based on the recommendations of the assessment. The framework was developed with the support of Open Briefing, the same organisation who completed the Security Assessment. Our new framework includes a policy, seven procedures and several supporting resources.

LPI is seeking a Security Advisor to assist us in rolling out the new Security Framework on a consultancy basis for a period of six months, ideally starting in January 2020. This will include supporting county offices in the development of their Country Management procedures, sensitising and training all staff, and ensuring the new Framework in being implemented across the organisation.

This position will be based in Nairobi and include travel to our other country offices in the region. Candidates from the Horn of Africa region are preferred. However, all security professional’s resident in the region are welcome to apply.


The purpose of the consultancy is to support LPI to roll out its new Security Framework by working closely with the LPI Leadership and Management teams across its various offices and programmes.

Required Outputs:

· Development of Country Security Plans for Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, DRC and for the Horn of Africa Regional Programme (HARP).

· Training of all LPI staff in the new Framework

· Training of Security / Wellbeing Focal Points

· Ensuring the new Travel Procedure is understood and assist staff to transition to the new format and procedures

· Provide security backstopping for hi-risk situations and travel, as requested by Country Managers and/or Executive Director. This is not to replace regularly monitoring of the CM’s and Head, but as a supplement where additional support is needed.

Reporting Lines:

The consultant will report to Judy McCallum, Executive Director. The consultant will work/liaise closely with country managers in the process of delivering on the ToR.

Consultant Support:

The consultant will be supported by an Open Briefing mentor who will introduce LPI’s Security Framework and provide four technical support mentoring sessions during the consultancy period.


LPI will cover any relevant expenses for travel related to this consultancy, based on prior approval and receipts. Per diem during travel will be based upon the LPI Per Diem Policy. Travel outside of the consultants’ home country will be covered by LPI’s Business travel. LPI does not pay for travel days. LPI may deduct withholding tax, depending upon the country of billing.

Candidate Profile


• Minimum 5 years’ experience as a national-level security professional with peacebuilding or humanitarian organisations in the horn of Africa

• Experience in developing country security plans

• Experience in developing and delivering training courses, including personal security, security risk management and crisis management

• Experience of embedding new security frameworks and country security plans within peacebuilding or humanitarian organisations

• Experience in working in medium to high-risk level countries


• Experience as a regional-level security professional with peacebuilding or humanitarian organisations in the horn of Africa

• Experience in developing and rolling out global or regional security frameworks.

• Experience in managing critical incidents within peacebuilding or humanitarian organisations

• Experience of working with Leadership and Management teams in a global organisation



• Deep knowledge of political situations in a wide range of countries in the horn of Africa

• Exceptional English verbal and written skills


• Robust understanding of Duty of Care

• Fluent in Swahili, Arabic and/or French

Training and Education


• Degree level education

• Relevant and current training in hostile environment awareness, security risk management and crisis management


• Post-graduate education

Attitude and Motivation


• Willingness to travel to remote and/or sometimes hazardous contexts

• Focus, drive and ability to stay on track

• Attention to detail and analytical focus

• Flexible and adaptable

• A compelling and influential communicator


• A strong belief in peacebuilding and conflict transformation work

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