I Choose Life – Africa (ICL) is a leading youth focused Non-Governmental Organizations that has significantly contributed to the realization of socio-economic development and empowerment of individuals bringing about transformative change across communities in Kenya. The organization has over 14 years’ experience implementing evidence-based adolescents and youth programs in over 345 institutions of learning (Primary, Secondary and Higher learning institutions) across 25 Counties in Kenya. ICL aims at contributing towards improved life opportunities of adolescent and youth aged 10-24 using a holistic transformational model. ICL employs evidence to design and run innovative and high impact interventions to improve key indicators in health, education, economic empowerment and leadership and governance with regards to children, adolescents and youth. To ensure maximum impact, ICL utilizes a multi-sectorial approach, Quadra Helix development approach (which brings together the Government, Private sector, Academia and Civil society) to foster innovative and sustainable transformation in communities. In this model ICL envisions better health and well-being, quality education and improved livelihoods for sustainable development. In her work, ICL is guided by Vision 2030 whose objectives it seeks to cascade to counties, sub counties, wards, organized groups and households. In her sustainable and transformative service delivery, ICL invests in generation and documentation of evidence to influence policy and practice. The organization is guided by a vision of a “Healthy Africa, Empowered People!” and is on a mission to improve the life opportunities of youth aged 10-24 through strategic empowerment for sustainable development.


In 2019 ICL, launched The 1 Million Youth Empowerment Challenge, a youth focused strategic initiative that seeks to bring about transformative behavior change through a holistic approach dubbed the SEALS program. The SEAL program offers a practical success formula to improved life opportunities through acquisition of adequate knowledge, attitude, skills and practices. The program seeks to addresses issues affecting young people around four key areas: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Education, Access to employment and entrepreneurship as well as Leadership & governance and is highly anchored on Sports, talent nurturing, spiritual foundation, safety and security in promoting pro-youth actions. The three (3) year challenge envisages holistic empowerment of the youth towards improving their life opportunities. The Challenge seeks to attain its goal through collaborative partnerships with Government, Private sector, Academia and CSO’s in a deliberate effort to drive the Five Point Youth Agenda which envisions:

2.1 1,000,000 Healthy Youth through strategic behavior change communication empowerment interventions for reduction of unintended pregnancies, STI infections, and tested for HIV with those HIV positive linked to care and treatment through the 95:95:95 initiatives. A 100,000 will be linked to NHIF for universal health coverage

2.2 1,000,000 Learning and innovative youth accessing quality and relevant education in primary and secondary schools through strategic and targeted mentorship and teacher capacity development.

2.3 100,000 Employable and entrepreneurial youth through skills development for decent work, job linkage, entrepreneurship training and job creation.

2.4 10,000 Responsible youth citizenry engaged in socio-economic transformation agenda through values led leadership and governance including prevention of violent extremism training and coaching. These SEALs will particularly focus on raising a Corruption Free Generation!

2.5 100,000 Sporty, safe, talented and spiritually grounded youth through sports engagement and talent nurturing and development


The project objective is to improve the life opportunities of youth aged 10-24 through strategic empowerment for sustainable development. This will be guided through the organization strategic delivery plan to addresses issues affecting young people around five pillars/areas: Sexual and Reproductive Health, Education, Access to employment and entrepreneurship, Leadership & governance and Sports, safety, security, talent nurturing, and spiritual foundation and in promoting pro-youth actions.


I Choose Life -Africa seeks the services of an experienced “Researcher” for the SEAL project with an enthusiastic interest in Research in various multisectoral settings such as Public Health, Education, Economic Empowerment, Leadership and Governance and Security starting from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2023.


The consultant is expected to deliver the following results: –

5.1 Approved (Internal Approval by ICL) Study Protocol Submitted: Review and setting out of the design of the Monitoring & Evaluation strategy in a protocol that will be used to request for ethical clearance. Key elements of the protocol will include: logistics, quality assurance, child protection measures and risk management information and gender analysis.

5.2 Baseline study report Submitted and publication done: design, conduct and submit a baseline study that describes the initial conditions (before the start of the project) against which progress can be measured or comparisons made to show the effects and impacts of the project in the final project evaluation report.

5.3 Final SEAL Impact Report Submitted and publication done: design, conduct and submit a final project evaluation report that assesses the effectiveness, and impact of the SEAL project.

5.4 Publication of Findings: Spearhead and manage the process of publishing of the findings of the SEAL assessments.

5.5 Enhanced Sustainability Plan developed and KES. 100 Million secured for the SEAL project: Identify potential investors for the SEAL Project, submit proposal and secure funding.


6.1 PhD in Social sciences or related studies with interest in Public Health, Education, Economic Empowerment, Leadership and Governance and Security research or related field;

6.2 Track record of publishing at least (5) high impact research papers that led to obtaining grants or influencing policy at county, national level in any of the field highlighted above

6.3 Experience as research manager in the given field of research, with proven record of effective leadership;

6.4 Skills in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, drawing findings from multiple sources and handling potential contradictions between data sets

6.5 The applicant should be well-organised, motivated about, Public Health, Education, Economic Empowerment, Leadership and Governance and Security research and with problem-solving attitude.

6.6 Solid written and verbal communication skills, keen attention to detail

6.7 Fluency in English language (written and oral) is required


Agencies or individuals interested in tendering for the I Choose Life – Africa Researcher should prepare a detailed Expression of Interest (Maximum 7 pages) and submit with the following information:

7.1 Short summary or profile of individual/agency seeking to bid

7.2 Profile of the lead consultant and trainer to be placed on the ground

7.3 Proposed methodology including activities and timelines in delivery of this assignment

7.4 Samples of previous work done with evidence of past achievements

7.5 Proposed budget against the deliverables

7.6 Contact details and 2 references related to the past relevant work done

7.7 A copy of KRA pin number and Tax certificate of compliance.


The contract will run from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2023

How to apply


The proposal should be submitted on or before 22nd May 2020 to:

Email: [email protected] Cc: [email protected]

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