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Secrets of Communication shown by Great Leaders

Is it possible to be a great leader without good communication skills?

Renowned leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr are best known for their mastery of their speeches.

Ever wondered how they do it? Well, here are the secrets of communication great leaders live by that you should acquire.

Communication Skills Shown by Great Leaders

Build Trust

One of the essential leadership communication skills, as portrayed by successful leaders, is trust. It is easier to impact people’s lives once they can trust what you say.

Be honest and show that you care. Remember, trust is not demanded but earned. How do you earn trust?

You do it by thinking right, acting right, and making the right decisions. Once you gain trust, you will have forgiveness with ease should there be a need in the future.

Get Personal

Impactful leaders are those who can hold conversations. To be able to deliver right, you have to get personal and understand what people need.

Do not be one of those leaders who are not involved in the real issues. Ask directly and take a keen interest. This way, you do not receive only sanitized information.

Seeking the truth of the situation will help you perform better as a leader.

Be Specific

Why deliver a long speech and not make any impact at the end of it all? To be a good leader, be precise with your communication.

Time is precious. Being specific will help you give the necessary information in a short period.

Have you sat through long speeches? The only thing you take away is how tired you were. Go straight to the point to avoid your message getting distorted.

Focus on the end goal

As a leader, all your communication should end goal-oriented. Having a goal will help your speech stay on course.

You achieve this by focusing on inspiring, aligning expectations, and transferring ideas. Have a servant’s heart approach as you communicate and see how much impact you will create.

Have an open mind

To be a great leader, you need good communication skills, and to achieve this, you need an open mind. How can you create an impact if all you want to talk about is what only you want? Listen to those of the contrary opinion.

You will be surprised by how much you will grow as a leader if you lend those who oppose you an ear. The rigidity of the mind causes limitations.

It is not something you would want as a leader.

At the end of it all, you want your leadership to have made a difference. Communication is your starting point as you try to achieve greatness.

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