SEO Specialist Job, Communications Jobs in Kenya July 2020,

Job Title: SEO Specialist

Location: Nairobi/ Remote options

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Analyze industry characteristics, diagnose website problems, formulate SEO strategies and layouts, and produce SEO plans;
  • Responsible for the company’s search engine optimization, familiar with the principles and characteristics of Google and other search engines, familiar with PC and Mobile ranking rules and rules, and formulating optimization strategies;
  • Pay attention to and study the algorithm and rule changes of search engines, and propose adjustment plans in time;
  • Responsible for analyzing the content quality of the search result page of the website and summarizing the search engine logic optimization suggestions;
  • Monitor and study the relevant practices of competitors and other websites, and put forward reasonable website adjustment suggestions around optimization
  • Ability to independently capture online media, forums and other social platforms that are highly active under different engines in various countries;
  • Choose effective keywords and control the distribution and density of keywords on the page.
  • Responsible for determining optimized keywords and landing pages for users’ search habits
  • Follow up and optimize the promotion effect, issue an analysis report and make statistics;

Experience and Skill Requirement:

  • More than two years of SEO management experience in medium and large websites;
  • Strong communication skills, able to quickly grasp product information and business needs;
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS and other program coding;
  • Understand the ranking mechanism, index mechanism and related indicators of search engines;
  • Master the methods and tools of keyword research and search behavior analysis.
  • Familiar with the principles and strategies of search engine optimization SEO, and have rich practical experience;
  • Have market insight and strong learning ability, be able to follow SEO trends, and adapt to search engine changes;
  • Have a certain code modification ability, be familiar with html, JS, etc., can modify and perfect dead links and 404 pages to improve the friendliness of the website to search engines;
  • Have successful SEO experience, be able to independently write the entire site SEO strategy and promote the implementation, and track and evaluate the optimization effect

How To Apply

Send your updated CV quoting the job title on the email subject (SEO Specialist)to [email protected] on/before 30th July 2020.