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Position: Social Safeguards Specialist Ref: Fllcoa/Piu/Sss/2019-20 -1 Post

Job description

The assignment is designed to support and provide expertise to the PIU, the Climate Finance & Green Economy Unit, County Government, Communities and other stakeholders to ensure that locally-led climate change actions and the larger green economy initiatives are properly prepared and implemented in compliance with Kenya’s National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) regulations and procedures; and the World Bank’s environmental and social safeguards policies.


  • Provide social safeguards expertise for the Program;
  • Working closely with Environmental Safeguards Expert in;
  • Taking lead in working with the MDAs, Counties and Communities in the preparation of social safe- guards instruments applicable to the program in accordance with the applicable social safeguard policies and frameworks;
  • Working closely with the environmental specialist in the dissemination of internal environmental and social guidelines for the preparation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of environmental and social risk management measures required by various safeguards instruments;
  • Review of social safeguards instruments of submitted by the counties, including ESIAs; the review and implementation of the social aspects of the Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)and other environmental and social safeguards documents prepared by MDAs and Counties to ensure compliance with relevant safeguards policies of the Government of Kenya and the World Bank;
  • Supporting PIU, Climate Finance & Green Economy Unit and MDAs in the review of documentation pertaining to environmental and social compliance (including bidding documents, reviews on-site, re- ports from contractors etc.) during program implementation;
  • Coordinating and facilitating the work of consultants engaged by MDAs and County Governments to carry out environmental and social impact assessments and resettlement plans and monitoring imple- mentation of these safeguards instruments;
  • Organising the technical aspects of workshops and meetings as required for capacity building of ESIA, CESMP, Bidding documents, stakeholders engagement, grievance redress mechanism, RAPs for all the Counties.
  • The preparation of Quarterly/Annual Social Monitoring and Evaluation reports that highlight any chal- lenges concerning compliance with the World Bank Environment and Social Framework and recom- mending the course of action to ensure
  • The preparation of training materials, and conducting technical training workshops to PIU, Climate Fi- nance & Green Economy Unit, MDA staff and other program implementation agencies on social safe- guards requirements;
  • The review of the Grievance Redress Mechanisms (GRMs) and Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP) that have been established for the program to ensure their adequacy for social risk management;
  • Undertaking field visits to ascertain if the grievance redress mechanisms established for the program are functioning appropriately, the SEP is being implemented as planned in a socially sustainable manner;
  • Ensuring that the program benefits reach the Vulnerable and marginalized groups and peoples in an equitable manner and through institutions that respect and are able to serve them in a culturally appro- priate
  • Ensure that FPIC is achieved and that structures for VMGs participation in project supervision are in place.
  • Providing recommendations to PIU, Climate Finance & Green Economy Unit and MDAs accordingly and make necessary changes prior to submission of relevant safeguards instruments to the World Bank, relevant GOK regulatory agencies, to ensure consistency in the level of proficiency and presentation of the documentation;
  • Overseeing audits in matters pertaining to timely payments, provision of temporary measures to affected persons;
  • Contributing to program progress reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental and social requirements of the overall program;
  • Any other duties assigned by the Program Coordinator or


  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant social sciences Post graduate degree in a relevant social sciences field will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of the World Bank’ Environment and Social Framework and Standards is an added ad- vantage
  • Relevant professional trainings will be an added advantage
  • A minimum of 10 years’ demonstrated professional experience
  • At least 7 years working with local communities in Kenya, working on social safeguards of climate change and green economy initiatives will be an added
  • Experience in review and implementation of Social Safeguards Instruments for World Bank financed projects.
  • Experience in development and implementation of Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups
  • At least two Social Assessments and prepared at least two Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Frame- works based on the World Bank’s Operational Policy 10 (Indigenous Peoples – IPs).
  • Working knowledge of Kenyan social, land and resettlement laws & regulations and World Bank land acquisition and resettlement
  • At least 5 years Working knowledge of Kenyan social and land laws & regulations and World Bank Environment and Social Framework and
  • Good working knowledge of MS Office Suite

How to apply

Complete Application documents (curriculum vitae with details of your qualifications, experience, day and evening telephone numbers, email address and names of three referees) with Position reference and name clearly marked on top should be emailed or sent to the address below.

Program Implementation Unit

Program Coordinator

P.O. Box 30007-00100

Nairobi, Kenya.

E-mail: [email protected]

Or [email protected]

Deadline for submission of Applications is 9th June, 2020 at 1600 hours Kenyan local time.