Sr. Process Engineer at BURN

BURN designs, manufactures, and distributes aspirational fuel-efficient cooking products that save lives and forests in the developing world.BURN has revolutionized the global cookstove sector by proving the business case for selling a high quality, locally manufactured and unsubsidized cookstoves.Since 2013, BURN has sold 200,000+ high quality, locally manufactured and unsubsidized jikokoas â„¢ stoves in East Africa. These stoves have helped 1,000,000+ beneficiaries save $39 million in fuel expenditures and 626,221 tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65%. BURN currently sells ~10,000 stoves per month and intend to double sales by the end of 2017.

Leading in development of new manufacturing processes, and this includes:

  • Analysis and complete understanding of the requirements, inputs, challenges, and the project plan.
  • Researching, experimenting and evaluating the required working parameter.
  • Researching suppliers and leading the technical discussions with them.
  • Validating new processes by workingon, making, requesting and analyzing samples, video production tests, and process standard data sheets.
  • Spec’ing the required service utilities of the new process (Electricals, Compressed air, safety equipment, handling equipment, etc.,)
  • Developing the new process’ technical data sheets, Production SOPs, Quality SOPs, and Safety SOPs.
  • Train production personnel on the new processes to ensure smooth process.
  • Following up on the new process, analyzing it, and work on the continuous improvements.
  • Supervise the implementation, and the analysis of the factory and assembly lines layout.
  • Setting the engineering parameters for production and QC SOP’s.
  • Drive continues process improvements and work on the implementation of the related engineering changes.

Qualifications and requirements 🙁 Senior):

  • Graduated from Mechanical/Industrial/Manufacturing engineering school.
  • 4 to 7 years of experience in manufacturing entities, experience in sheet metal factories is preferable or mass production.
  • Worked at least on one of the following projects during their career:
  • Factory layout implementation.
  • Lean manufacturing, waste elimination or continuous improvement projects.
  • Production process development.
  • Capable of using 2D AutoCAD.
  • Capable of using at least one project management tool, MS project is preferred.
  • Good knowledge of problem-solving techniques and creative thinking.
  • Capable of using SPC techniques, CT analysis techniques and general lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Good understanding of Kanban systems and one-piece flow production.
  • Capable of using Microsoft office.
  • Capable to work effectively in teams, has good managerial skills
  • Aware of the basics of electricity, and hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • Knowledge of Six Sigma is preferable.

Desired Character

  • Problem finder and solver.
  • Hands on.
  • Action oriented.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Detail oriented and well organized.
  • Works well in a team.

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