1. Introduction

Nairobits Trust is a not-for-profit organization that empowers vulnerable and socially disadvantaged young people (youth) to leverage Information Technology to secure decent and sustainable livelihood and to make constructive contribution to their social environment. The Trust equips the youths with skills in Digital Design, Development, Creative Multimedia and Entrepreneurship to improve their opportunities in employment or venturing into Business, ensuring a sustainable livelihood. In addition, the Trust develops their character by inculcating in them the critical elements of life skills.

As organizations evolve, the need to review the strategic direction remains paramount in ensuring that they retain their relevance in their spheres of influence. Accordingly, as part of its institutional capacity strengthening, NAIROBITS would like to review implementation its Strategic Plan (2016- 2018) and develop the next plan (2020-2025). NAIROBITS intends to undertake this strategic planning exercise through the guidance of a consultant.

2. The context of the consultancy

Our current strategic plan expired in 2018, which necessitates the evaluation of its implementation as well as the prioritization of our next strategic direction.

NAIROBITS’s programmatic environment is constantly changing and is characterized by an evolving Technology environment, shifting donor commitments, growing stakeholder numbers and expectations, evolving staffing structure and capacity, amongst other factors. Additionally, this is a transition period for NAIROBITS with one of the founding Trustees/ board member retiring and new board members being introduced into the board. At secretariat level, some major transitions have also happened. It is thus a good time for the organization to reflect on its past and think through the most effective way to capitalize on the new governance and programmatic realities.

3. Scope of assignment

The main objective of this consultancy is to develop a new strategic framework for NAIROBITS that takes into account the current internal and external operating environment in order to enhance NAIROBITS’s effectiveness and sustainability in the area of information technology and youth empowerment in Kenya.

At the end of this consultancy, we expect that NAIROBITS will adopt a revised strategic framework, building on the achievements brought forward as part of the implementation of 2016- 2018 SP and cognizant of its ever-changing operating environment. To achieve this, the consultant will review and guide NAIROBITS in clearly defining: –

i. our Vision, Mission, strategic areas and objectives; including priority focus areas for the strategic period

ii. Our situational context, through a SWOT, PEST and other relevant analysis.

iii. Sustainability plan; including proposals for effective financial and Human resource strategies

iv. Our stakeholder map and identify relevant strategies to engage them to advance our stated objectives, stakeholder and

v. Risk analysis and management approaches ,

vi. Functional organizational & leadership structure,

vii. Monitoring and reporting framework to enable effective tracking of the strategic plan

viii. Costing of the plan.

This assignment will involve close engagement with the internal NAIROBITS Strategic Planning Team (comprising of the Executive Director, a Board member and a selected staff member) and entail a participatory process, including, but not limited to:

ü A review of internal documents and benchmark with similar institutions/ organizations

ü Consultations with NAIROBITS board members, staff and selected partners/ stakeholders to review the current plan and set priorities for the next plan

ü Facilitation of a strategic planning workshop for staff, board members and selected stakeholders to further build on the Strategic plan

ü Drawing up of a draft Strategic Plan for the next phase and incorporating input from NAIROBITS staff, Board and selected stakeholders and partners.

4. Expected deliverables

ü An inception report detailing the methodology/ approaches and timelines associated with this consultancy assignment

ü A needs assessment report highlighting the current status and gaps in NAIROBITS strategic direction, covering both internal and external factors relevant to the organizational operating environment.

ü A two day strategic planning workshop for the NAIROBITS Staff, Board and selected partners

ü A revised strategic plan

ü A consultancy report that includes the major activities of the consultancy, the highlights of the strategic planning workshop and an evaluation of the workshop.

5. Expert profile

In order to be selected for this assignment, the Consultant must possess the following among other Academic and Professional qualifications:

a) A minimum of a post graduate qualification in the field of Administration, Organizational Development and/ or management or in a related field

b) Minimum of 5 years of experience in strategic planning;

c) Experience in organizational and change management

d) Good knowledge of the Youth and Technology field;

e) Excellent communication and facilitation skills

f) Highly motivated and committed to NAIROBITS values of Professionalism, accountability, courage in action, integrity and teamwork

6. Selection criteria

The consultant will submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to NAIROBITS; including the following:

ü A suitability statement; including commitment to his/her availability for the entire assignment;

ü Updated curriculum vitae that clearly spells out qualifications and experience in relation to this assignment;

ü Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently contracted the consultant to carry out a similar assignment.

7. Supervision

This consultancy assignment will be supervised by NAIROBITS’s Executive Director, with the support of the NAIROBITS Strategic Planning team

8. Confidentiality of information

All documents and data collected in the process of the consultancy will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate the consultancy assignment. All information to which the consultant shall receive access to shall at all times be treated as the property of NAIROBITS and shall not be disclosed saved for where express permission has been granted as such.

9. Consultancy duration

The strategic planning exercise is expected to be fully completed by 31st August 2020. The consultant will submit a detailed plan of work as part of the EOI.

10. Budget and payment

The Consultant will submit a detailed budget in the EOI for consideration by NAIROBITS. The final terms will be stipulated in the consultancy contract.

How to apply

All proposals should be emailed to [email protected] or Delivered to the Nairobits Trust office, Ring road, Kilimani by 26th July 2020

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