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Online Aptitude Test – Changing Career Aptitude Tests

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TOR for Training on Women & Countering Violent Extremism (ACT-WCVE-09-2018)

1. Background on Act!

Act! is a not-for profit, non-governmental organization that was established in Kenya in September 2001 and registered under the provisions of Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act of 1990. Act! vision is “empowered citizens and communities living a productive life in dignity” while its mission is to “support, partner with and develop local organizations to be effective agents of lasting positive change”. Act’s holistic approach to development is delivered through capacity development and grants management.

Act! through its Peace Building and Conflict Transformation Program, is implementing the Strengthening Community Resilience against Extremism (SCORE) activity whose main objective is to address the root causes of conflict and violent extremism and to reduce the allure of potentially radicalizing messages. SCORE is a five-year USAID Kenya and East Africa Activity that commenced in October 2014 and will end in September 2019. SCORE has three specific objectives. These are:

  1. Strengthen community resilience against conflict and violent extremism;

  2. Enhance institution functionality and technical capacity of targeted CSOs to address conflict mitigation and CVE in the context of devolution;

  3. Establish a fund that can rapidly and effectively respond to incidences of violence, be it from community conflict or violent extremism.

SCORE works with 14 key organizations (Sub Awardees) spread across the 6 Counties in the coastal region of Kenya to mitigate conflicts and counter violent extremism (CVE). Among the lessons learnt in the implementation of the SCORE activity is that women and girls are central and key stakeholder in CVE programming. However, there is inadequate appreciation and understanding, including appropriate programming around women, girls and CVE in Kenya and particularly the coastal region that is the focus of SCORE activity. With a view to determining the learning needs of the SCORE sub-awardees, Training Needs Assessment (TNA) was administered on SCORE sub-awardees and women, girls and CVE was identified as the main learning need. It is against this background that SCORE will be conducting a training to equip its sub-awardees with the requisite skills and knowledge to enhance their programming on Women and CVE. Equipping the SCORE partners with the knowledge and capability that will enable them be effective in addressing Women and CVE issues at the local, county and regional level will contribute to objective 2 of SCORE (enhancing institutional functionality and technical capacity of targeted CSOs to counter violent extremism).

In the course of its implementation, SCORE has come to appreciate issues relating to women, peace, and security. Amongst the issues that have come to the fore are on the significant role played by women in countering and assisting in terrorism and violent extremism. Because women are often highly influential in families, communities, and Governments, their proactive participation in CVE efforts can effect positive change. However, there has also been a steady increase in the radicalization and recruitment of young girls and women.

In 2015, UN Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2242 was adopted, which sets out to increase women’s role in CVE and to mainstream gender in the activities of Security Council counter-terror and CVE bodies. The UN Secretary-General’s Action Plan on Preventing Extremism (PVE) also states that counter-terror and CVE strategies should protect and empower women. CVE strategies risk working on the basis of simplistic assumptions about the different roles that women and men play in countering or participating in violent movements. As a result, such strategies often reinforce existing gender stereotypes. While men are often profiled as potential violent extremists, women are often viewed as either victims or peacemakers who can help prevent ‘violent extremism’ – for example by persuading their relatives not to join violent groups – without enough attention being paid to the diverse roles they play in countering, mobilizing against, or participating in violent extremism. Through this training, SCORE will contribute to the realization of UNSCR 2242 as well as the National Strategy to Counter Violent Extremism (launched in September 2016) which has elaborate provision on role women in CVE. The counties of the coastal region have developed County CVE Action Plans and these action plans have identified women as key stakeholder in CVE and as such have prioritized interventions that will seek to enhance role of women. This training will enable the counties improve the implementation of their Action Plans through continued partnership between SCORE Sub Awardees and the respective counties.

2. Objectives of the Training

Act! intends to conduct a Women and CVE training at the Coast targeting SCORE partner organizations. The main objective of the training is to enhance the technical capacities of the sub-awardees in understanding and effectively programming on women, girls and CVE in the coastal region of Kenya.

Specific objectives of the training include:

  • To take stock of the current trends and dynamics on women, girls and CVE in Kenya and the coastal region in particular.
  • To find out and discuss the vulnerability of women and girls to recruitment into radical and extremist groups like Al-Shabaab.
  • To establish how women can contribute to the prevention of radicalization and CVE in the coastal region of Kenya through early detection and other means.
  • To help the participants (and the organizations) improve their programming around women, girls and CVE.
  • To equip the participants with analytical skills that will help them tell their stories (success stories) regarding women and CVE better.

3. Deliverables and key tasks

The assignment will be conducted through the successful implementation of the following tasks;

a) Develop content for the training outlining topics to be covered and the objectives of each session;

b) Conduct training for SCORE sub-awardees on Women & CVE;

c) Compile a training report highlighting the lessons learnt, post training evaluation findings and facilitator’s observations and recommendations.

4. Key Qualifications

The successful consultant trainer will be required to have:

a) Post graduate qualifications in Conflict Studies; qualifications in gender studies will be an added advantage.

b) Extensive experience in P/CVE and gender programming and work.

c) Experience in designing and facilitating P/CVE and gender trainings.

d) Ability to work under a tight schedule and deliver good quality reports.

Candidates based in and familiar with gender and CVE in the coastal region of Kenya are encouraged to apply.

5. Duration

This task will be carried out over a period of Three days i.e. one-day preparation, one-day actual training and one-day report writing.

6. Activity Timeline

  • Develop content for the training outlining topics to be covered and the objectives of each session Tentative Timeline: 1st April, 2018
  • Conduct training for SCORE partners on Women & CVE – Tentative Timeline: 2nd April, 2018
  • Compile a training report highlighting the lessons learnt, post training evaluation findings and facilitators observations and recommendations – Tentative Timeline: 3rd April, 2018
  • Submit final report – Tentative Timeline: 4 April 2018

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