Trauma Healing Training (South Sudan Pilot Program)


The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service. AFSC promotes nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution. As such, we seek to promote the transformation of cultural and societal norms, values, and behaviors to reject violence, with Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship as our values.

South Sudan Pilot Program

AFSC is implementing a trauma healing for enhanced peace building pilot program in South Sudan for a period of two years. The program aims to contribute to quality trauma healing processes for peaceful co-existence in South Sudan by ensuring that Peace builders of 8 CSOs/FBOs are sufficiently supported to care for themselves as well as others. AFSC purposes to achieve this commitment by conducting a series of activities aimed at building the capacity of peace builders in secondary trauma, development and operationalization of work-based trauma policies as well as conducting advocacy for buy-in by other peace building organizations. Peace builders whose capacity has been enhanced will be expected to be healed of their trauma, cascade their training to other peace builders and support them to deliver effective psychosocial support to the target communities.

AFSC is sourcing for the services of a consultant to train on;

i) A one day sensitization on primary and secondary trauma among peace builders in South Sudan and

ii) A four-day capacity building training on secondary trauma for the same peace builders.
Both trainings will be conducted online with participants drawn from Kenya and South Sudan. The training is expected to exhaustively cover the following areas:

• Awareness on primary and secondary trauma; the types of trauma, principles of trauma and the concepts of trauma

• How to recognize secondary trauma in psychosocial supporters

• Understanding its impact on individuals and communities

• How to Integrate trauma-informed practices into peace building work

• Effectively adapt to address local contexts of traumatic experiences.

• How to recognize when to refer the peacebuilders / trauma Healers for further support

The objectives of the consultancy are as follows:

• To train a team of 16 AFSC partners staff from the South Sudan program and 3 AFSC program staff. Specifically, the Consultant(s) is expected to develop and execute a one-day sensitization meeting on primary and secondary trauma and a 4-day training workshop for 19 participants

• To develop effective reference materials/tools for participants. The consultant is also expected to share a package of the training materials (handouts) for future reference.

• Conduct a pre-training assessment of the participants.

• Develop action plans with the participants for engaging other peace builders on secondary trauma from the target organizations. The work plans will guide the cascading of the trauma support for community level psychosocial practioners.

• Conduct post-training assessment of participants.

• Final training report.

The training workshop should meet the following minimum criteria;

• Produce participants that will be healed of their own trauma and are able to support healing of others.

• Engage participants in actual/practical exercises that enhance trauma healing.

• Engage participants in simulating relevant and realistic challenges for practicing and applying the skills acquired.

• Encourage participants to fully contribute using; brief presentations, live demonstrations, interactive practical exercises with feedback, coaching on the relevant skills and processes and discussion exercises.

• Provide participants with his or her own set of trauma healing materials that should include; guidelines for practical exercises/handouts, an annex with a standard power point presentation, inclusive of notes for each slide and a participants’ Resource Package.

Participants and Training dates

There will be a total of 16 participants from the eight partners and 3 staff members of AFSC. The training will be held online from the 20th to 23rd of July 2020. The training will draw participants from Kenya and South Sudan.

How to apply

If interested in the assignment, kindly send a technical and financial proposal showing how you wish to carry out the training, as well as 3 references (one being on the most recent assignment) to the email below by latest 15th July 2020.

The Country Representative – Somalia

On email: [email protected]

The AFSC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

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