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Turkana Programme Manager | ReliefWeb

This position is open to Kenya nationals only

Trócaire is one of Ireland’s leading INGO’s, having over 40 years’ of experience in International Development. Trócaire works through local partners and being the development arm of the Catholic Church in Ireland is a member of worldwide networks such as Caritas and CIDSE. This is an exciting time in the history of the organisation as we continue to roll out our most recent strategic plan 2016-2020 and begin planning for beyond this period.

Trócaire has been working in Kenya for over 30 years and established an office in Nairobi in 1994. Working with over twenty-five local partner organisations, Trócaire takes a rights based approach while focusing on Equitable Access to and use of Resources, Women’s Empowerment and the Protection of Human Dignity in Humanitarian Crisis. (Organisational Strategic Plan-CSP: 2016-20). The Trócaire Kenya country programme is built on a model that integrates a change process from micro to meso to macro levels through working with strong local partners, a commitment to capacity building, clear advocacy priorities, high levels of financial oversight and holistic programme design to bring about social change.

Trócaire is currently building its portfolio of work and partners in Turkana and as part of this process is setting up a small sub-office in Lodwar. The County Programme will take an integrated approach to the delivery of interventions to address the needs of the most vulnerable in Turkana using a rights based and women’s empowerment approach and working exclusively through local partner organisations.

The Programme Manager Leads and manages Trócaire’s portfolio of work in Turkana with an initial focus on a two year Climate Change Governance Programme. This is a challenging role that demands a high level of experience, confidence, capacity and expertise to manage Trócaire’s sub-office in Lodwar and a complex programme with significant donor funded grants (e.g. DDP, Irish AId), working exclusively through civil society partners based in Turkana. The role has responsibility for: line management of programme staff; management of the Trócaire sub-office in Lodwar; engagement with the Turkana County Government to build a positive and constructive working relationship; accountable management of finances and procurement; relationship building with existing and potential partners; programme and project design and planning; technical leadership on issues of Climate Change; day to day monitoring and management of programme implementation – including safeguarding monitoring; oversight of programme implementation by local partners; design and management of research, baseline studies and evaluations; programme and project reporting; donor contract management; liaison with technical teams in HQ; supporting fundraising for Turkana programme; leading on partner capacity building and technical support. Finally the Turkana Programme Manager will Lead lobbying and advocacy activities, in collaboration with partners, to influence key targets in government, civil society and the private sector.

Reporting to ;Director of Programmes (DoP)

The Turkana PM will collaborate closely with Trócaire Kenya’s other Programme Managers, PM Resilience and Humanitarian and PM Women’s Empowerment as well as the Advocacy Officer to ensure that the county programme is effectively integrated and has a clear advocacy strategy and action plan. The PM will also collaborate closely with the PM MEAL to ensure that the Lodwar MEAL officer is delivering effective, high quality MEAL management systems and is putting tools in place that the programme team and partners are using effectively. The PM will work closely with the Finance Manager and the Programme Accountant dedicated to the Lodwar Programme and also HR to ensure that these functions are implemented effectively across the programme and by partners and will also work on an ongoing basis with the Business Development and Grants Manager to manage current grants and to identify and act on new funding opportunities for the Trócaire Turkana Programme.

The post holder will manage a Project Coordinator and MEAL Project Officer based in Lodwar.

Contract Type: 2 year Fixed term

Duties & Responsibilities

1) Programme Development

  • Lead the strategic design of Trócaire Kenya’s Turkana Programme
  • Undertake regular analysis of the county context (Governance esp. Climate Change Governance; Humanitarian, Access to Resources/Resource Rights, SGBV, HIV, Women’s Empowerment, Gender Relations etc.).

  • Develop and promote a good working relationship with the Turkana County Government to ensure access to communities to carry out our work; to develop capacity of TCG in agreed areas; and also to engage on issues around civil society space and participation in decision making process

  • Commission and manage research on issues relating to programme development.

  • Use research evidence to design innovative programme strategies, in collaboration with the wider Trócaire team, partner organisation staff and other relevant stakeholders.

  • Collaborate closely with partner organisations to develop programme strategies and project proposals.

  • Identify, broker and cultivate programming partnerships with new organisations including local NGOs, research institutions and private sector actors.

  • Ensure that principles of gender equity, protection and Do No Harm are integrated into all project and programme designs.

2) Programme Management

  • Manage the implementation of Trócaire Kenya’s Turkana Programme, using principles of Results Based Management
  • Ensure that programme activities in Turkana are implemented by partner organisations according to agreed budgets and timeframes, including humanitarian responses.
  • Maintain oversight for the technical quality of programme implementation, working closely with partner organisations and programme staff to ensure that activities deliver results to the highest standards.
  • Ensure an appropriate and effective distribution of work load within the Turkana Programme team.
  • Closely monitor implementation of activities in the Turkana Programme to ensure timely and effective delivery of outputs
  • Plan, manage and participate in regular field trips to monitor programme implementation, with the support of the programme team, partners and communities.
  • Ensure that all projects are managed in compliance with terms and conditions of donor contracts, including work planning, forecasting and reporting, and that all administrative procedures are maintained to a high standard.
  • Ensure that principles of gender equity, protection and Do No Harm are adhered to in the implementation of all programme activities.

3) Programme Finance Management

  • Act as budget holder for the Turkana Programme.
  • Ensure that budgeting, financial monitoring and financial reporting are managed in line with the requirements of Trócaire and donors, including quarterly forecasting.
  • Lead on the development of Turkana Programme budgets.
  • Ensure that grants to partners are disbursed in a timely manner.
  • Ensure efficient and cost-effective use of Trócaire and donor funds and resources.
  • Regularly monitor partner expenditures to ensure compliance with project workplans and grant agreements, including Value For Money principles.
  • Regularly monitor partners for financial management abuses, including fraud.
  • Ensure that all financial plans and reports are developed and submitted to high quality standards and on time (e.g. annual planned spend, budget by objective, multi-annual requests, requests for changes, Institutional Funding template, donor reports, quarterly forecasts etc.).
  • Support the Finance team to make regular visits to partners for purposes of expenditure verification and validation.
  • With support from the Finance team, ensure that all existing partners have completed the Partner Governance and Finance Capacity Assessment and that they are compliant with Trócaire’s 18 Minimum Requirements.
  • Collaborate with the Finance Team to ensure that partner organisations develop and implement financial capacity building plans, as required.
  • Inform the Country Management Team (CMT) of financial management risks or abuses in good time.

4) Partnership Management

  • Ensure that all partner relationships are managed effectively, in line with Trócaire’s Partnership Policy.
  • Promote and demonstrate the highest standards of mutuality, subsidiarity, accountability and transparency in all partnership relations.
  • Plan, manage participate in regular field visits to monitor the quality of programme implementation and compliance with agreed standards by partner organisations.
  • Consult regularly with target communities to validate monitoring reports.
  • Support partner organisations to establish and implement community accountability systems.
  • Support partner organisations to identify capacity gaps and to develop and implement capacity building plans, using Trócaire’s Partner Capacity Building Framework (PCAS).
  • Draft and monitor compliance with partnership Memoranda of Understanding and Grant Agreements.
  • Promote and strengthen partnership relations with government, particularly target Counties administrations.

5) Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)

  • Lead the design and implementation of a high quality MEAL framework for the Turkana Programme, collaborating closely with the MEAL team.
  • Design and ensure the effective use of appropriate, effective monitoring and documentation tools and practices, including use of digital data collection and management.
  • Ensure that partner organisations have the capacity to deliver regular, good quality programme reports (financial, narrative, results frameworks etc.) ensuring that all reports respond to programme indicators and are in line with organisational policy and institutional funding requirements.
  • Ensure that partner organisations have the capacity to implement appropriate field monitoring and documentation practices.
  • Facilitate regular meetings with partner organisations to monitor programme implementation and to facilitate reflection and learning.
  • Design and manage systems to capture learning on a regular basis and to communicate lessons, both internally and externally.
  • Ensure that monitoring reports and lessons learned are used to adapt programme strategies to improve programme quality and achievement of results.
  • Manage the Annual Programme Review process, ensuring that the annual report provides clear evidence of progress and challenges, meeting internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Design and manage mid-term and end-of-programme evaluations in line with the organisational policy and institutional funding requirements.
  • Ensure that all consultancies commissioned to implement MEAL activities are managed effectively and accountably and adhere to Trócaire’s safeguarding principles.

6) Institutional Funding

  • Support programme growth by identifying institutional funding opportunities for the Turkana Programme, collaborating closely with the DoP and the Business Development and Grants Manager (BDGM).
  • Lead and manage the development of all funding applications for the programme (concept notes, expressions of interest, proposals)
  • Ensure that partner organisations participate fully in the design of projects and the drafting of project proposals, including budgets
  • Ensure that all institutional funded projects are managed in line with donor requirements and that reports are prepared and submitted in a timely manner, in compliance with donor needs e.g. Irish Aid, Dreams, UNTF.
  • Ensure that the staff of partner organizations understand donor grant management and reporting requirements and have the capacity to meet them

7) Human Resources Management

  • Line manage Trócaire Lodwar Programme team (2-3 staff) using performance management techniques as shared by HQ.
  • Ensure that team members understand their roles and have clearly defined objectives.
  • Lead and motivate team members ensuring they make an effective contribution to the delivery of the programme.
  • Ensure that staff are supported to develop their skills and capacities in line with their aspirations and the needs of the programme.
  • Lead recruitment of new staff and consultants in the Lodwar Programme drafting job descriptions and Terms of Reference and adhering to HR policy.
  • Support partner organisations to recruit relevant programme staff, as required.

8) Networking

  • Network and coordinate with government and other stakeholders to promote appropriate humanitarian and development programming within the framework of Trócaire Kenya’s programme strategy.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with donor agencies, Church partners and other groups working in our programme areas.
  • Participate in relevant coordination groups, ensuring programme team members participate where appropriate
  • Improve Trócaire’s public profile in relevant sectors in Turkana.
  • Accompany visitors (Trócaire or external) to programme sites and carry out promotional or media work as required.

9) Lobbying and Advocacy

  • Lead lobbying and advocacy activities, in collaboration with partners, to influence key targets in government, civil society and the private sector
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of an advocacy strategy for the Lodwar programme
  • Lead the development of policy analyses and briefing papers on issues relevant to the advocacy strategy
  • Design and commission research on issues relevant to the strategy, if necessary


  • At least a Masters level education in development studies or a relevant subject.
  • At least 7 years’ experience working in the development sector, with at least five years in a programme management role.
  • Technical expertise and experience of managing or working on programmes related to Climate Change. Additional technical expertise on other relevant thematic areas including Women’s Empowerment, Humanitarian and Access to Resources.
  • Highly capable programme manager with demonstrated ability and experience in managing teams, and in managing successful delivery of programme strategy.
  • High levels of understanding and experience of the project/programme management cycle. Knowledge and experience of Results Based Management an advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to manage and build the capacity of local partner organisations. Experience of managing programme implementation through local partner organisations highly desirable.
  • Highly experienced in managing institutional donor contracts with significant budgets.
  • High levels of skill and experience in managing complex programme budgets, including budget development, financial monitoring, forecasting and reporting.
  • Demonstrated experience of designing and managing gender sensitive projects and programmes an advantage
  • Empathy with and understanding of the Catholic Church’s role in relief and development
  • Availability to work outside normal hours and travel extensively within Turkana and overseas when necessary.
  • Excellent knowledge of the key issues and trends in the development sector as a whole, especially as they pertain to Turkana and Kenya.
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Strong interpersonal, team work and IT skills.

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