The DPS serves as a backstop to the Health, Population, and Nutrition Office (HPN) for both bilateral Kenya and the East Africa Regional OU programs; serves as the primary or alternate backstop to the mission’s regional intergovernmental organization (RIGO) portfolio; and provides strategic expertise and leadership on all aspects of the USAID program cycle across programs, projects, and activities. S/he is expected to become part of the extended technical office, attending staff and other meetings to maintain a pulse on all critical actions. S/he provides up-to-date information on the technical office to the SPA Office and serves as the go-to person within the SPA Office for all key information for the technical office from a strategic, project, and activity planning and implementation lens. The incumbent advises and guides technical offices on program/project/activity development and implementation to ensure adherence to and compliance with Mission/Agency strategies, policies, and procedures. The Specialist identifies and analyzes gaps and/or needs in project implementation and makes recommendations, coordinating with relevant technical and support office specialists where needed, to enable the achievement of results. The Specialist prepares Assistance Agreements and amendments and other program agreements, coordinating with other offices.

The DPS will provide critical support to the bilateral CDCS and RDCS strategic development, implementation, and stock-taking processes, including participation and support in strategic and performance portfolio reviews and strategy mid-course stock-takings, intended to examine progress towards achievement of the CDCS and RDCS and project results and expectations regarding future progress and status of critical assumptions and changes in the country or regional context. The Specialist will document and promote learning and seek opportunities to adapt programming.

The DPS provides guidance and leads the development of required program documentation for the Health Office s/he backstops. S/he advises and assists in the conceptualization, research, development, writing and editing of documents, in the preparation of concept papers and designs for new programs, projects, and activities including the following:

A. Initial project conceptual documentation such as background studies, sector surveys, analyses, data collection presented in form and substance to permit Mission review;

B. Preparation of project design documents (PDDs) for Mission review and approval;

C. Provision of information on host country, regional intergovernmental, and USAID development objectives, capabilities, and priorities as they affect the program, and ensures that project design takes into consideration such priorities for maximum host country support and cooperation; and:

D. Preparation of procurement documentation to acquire the services of resources needed to execute program/project design work.

In this capacity, the incumbent coordinates the review, approval, authorization, and obligation process for assigned technical and strategic portfolios, including:

A. Chairing Mission activity review committee meetings, recommending approaches consistent with current Agency policies and priorities;

B. As the final authority in the SPA Office on the preparation of project appraisal documentation prior to submission for clearance, ensuring that sufficient technical and financial analysis is done and feasibility of approved activities demonstrated;

C. Preparing issues papers as appropriate;

D. Ensuring that management controls and monitoring systems are built into each program/project;

E. Ensuring that all project appraisal documents are aligned to the Kenya CDCS and/or East Africa RDCS; and

F. Coordinating and assisting with mobilization of teams for design, feasibility, and evaluation purposes. Additionally, s/he ensures that cross-cutting initiatives like Science, Technology, Innovations, and Partnerships (STIP), gender, and best practice design principles like Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) and local solutions/ sustainability are foremost considerations in project and activity designs.

The DPS will serve as a SPA alternate or lead for one or more of the RIGOs the Mission’s regional programming supports under the East Africa Regional Development Objective Grant Agreements (RDOAG). S/he is expected to develop and maintain close relationships with RIGO staff at the Secretariat level with responsibilities related to the USAID partnership, and to facilitate communications and planning with RIGOs within the Mission.


The DPS will identify ways to further meet USG foreign policy, GOK, and East African RIGO development and policy objectives. S/he maintains up-to-date knowledge of Agency and USG initiatives, development issues and innovations, and political and economic trends in Washington, Kenya, and the East African region. S/he will liaise closely with relevant USAID/ Washington bureaus and offices to identify opportunities to strengthen Mission strategic design and implementation processes. The Specialist actively participates in and/or supports relevant program cycle-related Mission and/or Agency Teams, and communities of practice to promote and strengthen the adoption of best practices and emerging program approaches for the achievement of and scaling up of development results.

The DPS maintains collaborative relationships with a wide range of contacts in the Mission and USAID/Washington. S/he supports the leadership of the SPA Office and other team members in coordination of dialogue and collaboration with the Africa Bureau and with other donors, in order to ensure complementary strategies and approaches, and to identify opportunities for collaboration. The Specialist represents USAID and the USG with internal and external audiences as required. S/he will work to facilitate knowledge management through exchange of program-cycle related information and ideas, collaborate on cross-cutting issues, and promote program/project collaboration, learning, and adapting. S/he may also serve as a Contracting/ Agreement Officer Representative or alternate on program support cycle mechanisms and other mechanisms which support cross-cutting initiatives.


The DPS assists in the production of strategic planning documents, the annual Operational and Performance Plans and Reports, Congressional presentations, and other reports required to ensure that the Mission is able to accomplish its development objectives. The Specialist ensures completion of required project and activity documentation for all activities; prepares required project waiver documentation; and works with Technical Offices to participate in development of indicators and targets to monitor the effectiveness and impact of program/project/activity implementation.

The DPS maintains a comprehensive project file with all data needed to maintain historical and current records of Kenya and regional programs, including initiatives. S/he identifies, collects, and compiles information for regular and ad hoc reports, interpreting information and briefing Mission management on trends and issues; maintains summary materials on results for use in presenting and explaining the program/project portfolio, and how overall planning, achieving, and results reporting works; and manages the preparation of documents for regular and ad hoc reports and presentations. The Specialist identifies reporting requirements and works with senior management, DOATs, Project Teams, and technical offices as necessary to identify, collect, and draft reports and high-level and mission-wide presentations. The Specialist will draft and issue program support cycle mission orders. Ad hoc reporting and information requests and taskers are numerous, and the Specialist is often required to work under extremely tight deadlines.

S/he will be required to support bilateral and regional-level reporting and ensure coordination systems have been developed and maintained. S/he may be required to make regional visits and organize implementing partner and RIGO events.

How to apply

How to Apply

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