User Researcher at Transsnet More

We are looking for a motivated and insightful user researcher based in Kenya who will work closely with overseas project team. The user researcher will help us create useful, usable and delightful mobile/web products for users and inspire improvement at all stages of product development by delivering compelling insights based on user research findings.

Job responsibility:

  • Collaborating closely with overseas teams to organize and execute user research both online and offline, recording survey processes, collecting and analyzing research data/study results;
  • Building and maintaining respondent recruitment channels, engaging targeted respondents in structured surveys;
  • Monitoring competitive market dynamics, conducting benchmark studies and competitive analysis on a regular basis;
  • Deeply understand the needs, behaviors, and scenarios of products across mobile applications. Collect users’ feedbacks and evangelize for user research across the organization;
  • Teach, mentor, and advise product and operation teams on incorporating user research and user voice into the product building process.

Qualification requirement:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Human Factors Engineering, Computer Science or relevant field;
  • 3+ years’ work experience in user research or market research, preferable with exposure in mobile/web product and AI;
  • Working experiences include customer satisfaction survey, questionnaire design, in-depth interview, A/B tests, usability test, user operation and etc.;
  • A desire to keep pushing your work until all details are attended to;
  • Fluency in English;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office;
  • Excellent communication skills, Analytical skills, strong time management skills, proactive, responsible, and team spirit.

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