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VACCINE MANAGER (Open to Kenyan Nationals Only)


In 6 April 2018, 2 years after cessation of tOPV use, a cVDVP type 2 was found in the environment of Nairobi, Kenya. Sequencing indicated 47 nucleotide t difference from parent sabin 2 indicating along time of circulation. As per the GPEI Standards Operating Procedures (SOPs), a full response must be initiated using mOPV2. In late April, the advisory group approved the response plan of conducting three rounds, one to start on May 9th – 13 to cover Nairobi county and to be followed by another two rounds in late June and late July to cover most of the eastern counties of Kenya. Kenya just finalized the first round of the campaign with 96% reported IM coverage and plans to conduct 2 additional vaccination rounds between Saturday 30th June to Wednesday 4th July 2018 and Second round between Saturday 28th July to Wednesday 1st August 2018. The vaccination responses will involve use of mOPV2 as per the WHO SOP guidelines in 12 counties targeting 2.8 million children.


The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) seeks to ensure that future generations of children will be free from the threat of polio paralysis. Achieving this goal depends on interrupting poliovirus transmission in the remaining endemic countries and on ensuring rapid and effective responses to poliovirus outbreaks occurring in polio-free countries. The GPEI has recently revised its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for responding to a polio virus event or outbreak. While Cold Chain Logistics and Vaccine Management (CCL&VM) is an essential function for any polio supplementary immunization activity (SIA), it becomes particularly important when monovalent oral polio vaccine type 2 (mOPV-2) is deployed to respond to an outbreak or an event due to polio virus type 2 (PV2) after the completion of the global switch from trivalent to bivalent OPV. Towards this end, Kenya developed draft vaccine management plan that is adopted from the Global WHO SOP. To ensure effective implementation of the plan, UNICEF has been tasked to support the country manage mOPV2 to ensure no mOPV2 vial is unaccounted for across all the 12 counties (90 sub counties). This position is critical to ensure UNICEF fully discharges its mandate

Scope of Work

Under the direct supervision of the UNICEF Country office Child Health Specialist the CCL&VM Officer is responsible for assisting country programmes in proper planning, utilization, stock management, disposal (if necessary) and reporting of all vaccines used in polio SIA rounds. The officer will provide technical support to the National Polio campaign logistics sub-committee that is tasked to ensure effective management of the mOPV2 during the polio campaigns. The officer will be based at the EMOC

Activities and Tasks:

Under the guidance of his/her immediate supervisor, the officer will perform the following duties:

1. Review the cold chain and logistics aspects of the country outbreak response plan including the outbreak SOP and the SOP for vaccine management and mOPV2 management technical guideline to the country context.

2. Review all the tools and process for management of mOPV2

3. Assess Cold Chain needs for the June and July vaccination rounds and make recommendations and follow-ups to ensure readiness for the vaccination campaigns

4. Provide technical assistance to MOH ,UNICEF and WHO partners to ensure that all procedures are followed as per GPEI guidelines, such as:

a. At end of each round all partially used mOPV2 vials are disposed of as per WHO and/or national guidelines and all unopened vials are retrieved at a predetermined level of the supply chain for future use

b. At end of the final round, following the OBRA recommendation, all used and unused mOPV2 vials are disposed of as biological waste as per WHO and/or national guidelines and MOH attests to restoration of PV2 free status for the country.

5. Monitor implementation of all aspects of CCL&VM policies as laid out in the outbreak response plans and the Guidance Note on VM/CCL during polio SIAs.

6. Training of staff and partners involved in polio outbreak response on vaccine management and CCL in context of polio SIA per the available materials. This includes the rolling out of the training tools and resources in the country.

7. Provide frequent and regular reports to the Outbreak Technical Lead on all aspects of CCL&VM and contribute updates for SITREPS, bulletins, and newsletters.

8. Support CO and MoH to correct and timely submission of “end of round vaccine management” and “vaccine disposal reports.

9. Support outbreak response review assessment teams with information pertaining to CCL&VM aspects of the outbreak response.

10. Undertake other assignments and responsibilities as requested by heads of country offices, regional directors, and other partners to support the successful response to the outbreak.

This assignment is linked to UNDAF Outcome2.2; UNICEF Country Program Document (CPD) Outcome 7 and Output4.2

Work relationships:

The consultant will work under the overall supervision and guidance of the UNICEF Child Health Specialist.

The consultancy will be for a maximum period of 4 months

The consultant will be located within the National Outbreak Emergency Operational Center of the Ministry of Health and progress reports will be submitted to both MOH and UNICEF.


1. Revised Outbreak Response plan and mOPV2 management Plan and tools

2. Training report

3. Reports at end of each vaccination Round

4. Validation report

5. Final consolidated Report

Deliverables and Timelines

1. Finalized Outbreak Response plan and mOPV2 management Plan and Training Reports

Duration (Estimated number of Days): 10 days

Deadline: end of June, 2018

Schedule of Payment: 22% Upon satisfactory completion of the task

2. End of Round 1 vaccination campaign Report

Duration (Estimated number of Days): 15 days

Deadline: 30th July, 2018

Schedule of Payment: 33% based on satisfactory completion of task

3. End of Round 2 vaccination campaign and Validation Report

Duration (Estimated number of Days): 15 days

Deadline: 30th August, 2018

Schedule of Payment: 33% based on satisfactory completion of task

4. Final Consolidated report- 10 days

Deadline: 15th September, 2018

Schedule of Payment: 22% Upon satisfactory completion of the task

Payment Schedule

The assignment will be for a period not exceeding 4 months starting from 17th June, 2018. Payment will be made upon receipt of the following:

 Based on Consultants deliverables and report against activities.

 Deliverables that meet MOH and UNICEF’s quality standard.

Required qualifications, desired competencies, technical background and experience

(Consult with HR on this prior to signing off on the TOR)

• Qualification of a degree in relevant field of study

• Previous experience in immunization specifically Immunization cold chain and vaccine management and health system strengthening, or related matters.

• Have 5 years relevant experience and be well knowledgeable in the management of vaccines and working with national and county level will be an added advantage

• Having knowledge/expertise in either of the following areas in their relevance and application to Cold chain and Logistics systems, is desirable

a) Public health

b) Basic analytical skills for public health interventions

• Strong planning and coordination skills and ability to network and link with strategic partners towards delivering results for government counterparts.

• Knowledge and experience working with the UN, international humanitarian organizations or the Government of Kenya preferred;

• Demonstrated capacity to work both independently and as part of a team;

• Excellent English writing and presentation skills in English.

• Availability for the period indicated.

Languages required: English is preferred language.

Administrative issues

The consultant is expected work at MOH EOC (90%) offices and travel to counties. The consultant will not be provided with a laptop computer but will have access to internet and a desk at MOH and UNICEF. Any cost incurred to enable the consultant successfully carry out the assignment, such as phone, will be covered entirely by the consultant, unless prior authorization has been granted by the UNICEF supervisor.


UNICEF and other partners will cover the cost of flights and DSA when on official travel on reimbursement basis. Travel will be by the most economical fare and reimbursement made as per UNICEF policy.

As per UNICEF DFAM policy, payment is made against approved deliverables. No advance payment is allowed unless in exceptional circumstances against bank guarantee, subject to a maximum of 30 per cent of the total contract value in cases where advance purchases, for example for supplies or travel, may be necessary.

The candidate selected will be governed by and subject to UNICEF’s General Terms and Conditions for individual contracts.

•The consultant will work under the overall and supervision of the National EPI Logistician and guidance of the UNICEF Child Health Specialist

• The consultancy will be a maximum period of 176 days spread over 8 Months

• The contract can be terminated with immediate effect if the performance of the contractor is not satisfactory

• UNICEF and GoK shall have property right to all the materials developed during the consultancy.

• Penalties for Unsatisfactory Performance or Incomplete Assignment:

o Final payment of fees for this assignment will only be effected upon satisfactory completion of services and certification to thateffect by the Supervisor of this assignment.

The consultant is expected to commit fully to this task as per the TOR and adhere to the tasks, subject to inclusion of additional duties as required by the supervisor in consultation with UNICEF Child Health Specialist. The consultant will not have supervisory responsibilities nor authority on UNICEF budget and other resources.

Please consult with KCO SSC as entitlements and conditions of service are governed by UNICEF policies.

UNICEF has the obligation to demonstrate value for money to their respective. Poor communication will hider that ability and may even result in loss of trust and funding.

Ethical Considerations

All products and data developed or collected for this agreement are the intellectual property of UNICEF and the Government of Kenya (MOH-NVIP). The consultant may not publish or disseminate the final report or any other documents produced from this work without the express permission of and acknowledgement of UNICEF and MOH (NVIP).

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