Vocational Training Specialist at Sustainet Group

Sustainet E.A. is a Non- governmental organization promoting sustainable agricultural practices in East and Horns of Africa. Our network includes 209 NGOs/CBOs from the region with a reach out of 1.5 million small-holder farmers. Sustainet E.A. Focuses on promotion of sustainable agricultural practices aimed at eradicating hunger and poverty through increasing agricultural productivity and profitability while conserving the utilization of the natural resources. Sustainet came into being as an initiative by the German Council for Sustainable Development through “programme of action 2015: Poverty reduction- a Global Responsibility”, in 2003. The project was piloted in three regions of East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania), Asia (India) and Latin America (Peru and Bolivia) www.sustainet.org. However in 2009 founding member organizations from East Africa region at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) resolved to legally register the initiative as an international NGO

 Specific Tasks

  • Validation of the selection and needs analyses of existing training courses in agricultural vocational training and training (ATVET, e.g. curricula on vegetable and fruit cultivation, poultry farming, fish and beekeeping).
  • Expansion and revision of existing ATVET teaching materials on climate relevance and gender-sensitive aspects.
  • Stocktaking and assessment of their training offers.
  • Digitization of selected core modules.
  • Needs-driven technical and didactic training of trainers in national institutions.
  • Implementation of needs-based qualification packages, including incentive schemes for disadvantaged target groups/youth champions.
  • Advising training centers on setting up a monitoring system for ATVET alumni and tracer study.


  • B.Sc. or higher in vocational education and training or similar subject area
  • Language : English (C1), Swahili (B2); Knowledge of Luo or Luhya (B1)
  • 10 years in vocational training, curricula development
  • 5 years of experience in agricultural vocational training
  • 2 years of management experience.
  • 5 years or regional experience in sub-Saharan Africa
  • 5 years of cooperation with development partners
  • Experience in adult education and in the development of monitoring systems, e-learning and blended learning

 The applicant should  have following soft skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Initiative
  • Communication skills
  • Sociocultural competence
  • Partner- and customer-oriented, efficient action
  • Interdisciplinary thinking
  • Innovation

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