Water Resources Management & Development Officer Job, Engineering Jobs In Kenya 2020

Position title: Principal Water Resources Management and Development Officer, AHWS2

Grade: PL4

Position N°: 50051528

Reference: ADB/20/099

Publication date: 14-Jul-2020

Closing date: 13-Aug-2020

Duty station: Nairobi, Kenya


The position of Principal Water Resource Management and Development Officer has the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the Bank’s integrated water resources management and development programs (including transboundary programs), considering the increasing demand for water supply, rising conflict among competing water uses, climate change, fragility, urban development, and other key global trends;
  • Facilitate cohesive approaches to guide the Bank on integrated water resources development to foster enhanced water security in Africa. Areas of responsibility will include project/program development, resource coordination, technical advice, identification of resource issues, policy development, and advocacy for sustainable transboundary water agreements and water conflict resolution into the East Regional Hub;
  • Liaise with stakeholders in the RMCs, work closely with regional platforms and other complexes dealing with water resource issues, while contributing to the appropriate management of technical knowledge and guidance on integrated water resource management towards building water security into the region;
  • Develop and manage the portfolio in the sub-region in accordance with the Bank’s policy by identifying projects and consulting with governments, the various stakeholders in RMCs and other Technical and Financial Partners (TFPs).


Under the overall supervision of the Sector Manager, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide technical advice/assistance to RMCs to develop their Water Resource Management mechanisms and tool towards ensuring a water secure environment in the East Region;
  • Contribute to the development of the Bank Group Water Sector policy and provide technical advice/guidance to introduce and monitor the implementation of the policy.
  • Identify, prepare and evaluate water resource management and development, water supply and sanitation as well as multisector projects and programmes in RMCs;
  • Identify and coordinate the co-financing needs of the Division’s projects/programmes and make funding proposals;
  • Enhance Water Resource Knowledge development and management into the region
  • Supervise project portfolio in accordance with Bank rules and procedures;
  • Perform project completion missions with a view to preparing project completion reports;
  • Conduct project preparation and appraisal missions for water resource management and development, water supply and sanitation projects and programmes;
  • Provide support to the Division to supervise staff, monitor the portfolio, the lending programme and the Division’s indicators;
  • Support the Division Manager in monitoring and achieving the target indicators, and in monitoring projects managed by other colleagues;
  • Represent the Division and the Department in meetings and events related to the water sector within the Bank, and externally;


  • At least a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering, Hydrological Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Civil Engineering, or related field with a focus on water resources management and climate change;
  • A minimum of six (6) years of relevant experience in national and transboundary water resources management and development or related operations, project management, and policy formulation.
  • Good professional experience in international development institutions. Strong working experience in Africa in general and in the Eastern Africa Region is desirable;
  • Strong knowledge of integrated water resources management (WRM), water supply and sanitation sector reforms, public-private partnerships, sector coordination, innovative financing mechanisms and pro-poor strategies;
  • Good knowledge and experience in undertaking project cycle activities particularly: investment planning, identification, preparation, appraisal and administration of hydraulic infrastructure (including water supply, sanitation, multipurpose storage and drought risk management, etc.),
  • Proven strong writing and analytical skills in designing water sector climate adaptation operations.;
  • Strong analytical skills, particularly applied to climate change and climate risk assessments
  • Demonstrated strong ability to think strategically, conceptualize and synthesize complex water sector issues (translated into effective oral and written briefs);
  • Proven ability to identify and articulate policy issues, support analytical work (sector trade-offs and priorities, structuring of sanitation value chains), provide advisory services and deliver high quality innovative operational products
  • Ability to initiate innovative approaches and originality at work;
  • Demonstrated good ability to function effectively in a multi-cultural environment, sustaining partnerships, and to build effective working relations with clients and colleagues;
  • Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French, preferably with a working knowledge of the other language;
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard software (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint). Knowledge of SAP is desirable.

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