Water Treatment Specialist at Coast Water Works Development Agency (CWWDA)

Under the Water Act of 2016 the mandate of the Coast Water Works Development Agency is to develop and maintain sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure within the Coast region. The main transmission pipelines, including Mzima, Baricho, Marere and Tiwi – Likoni lines are maintained by the CWWDA. Pipeline patrols are critical in ensuring that leaks and bursts are detected and attended to on time to avoid wastage of the resources.

Job Group 6

Terms of Service: Permanent and Pensionable

Reports To: The Principal Civil Engineer

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reviews Designs of Water Treatment Plants, its Associated Processes and Technologies.
  • Reviews the Designs, Planning, Coordination and Management Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Processes from the Water Treatment Plant.
  • Assists in the Preparation of Tender Documents; Ensures that BOQs and Scope of Works are consistent with the designs for WTP.
  • Provides supervision and technical assistance in the implementation of the designs.
  • Provides training and technical assistance to QA/QC for tendered works on treatment plants.
  • Coordinates the preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals for new and rehabilitated WTP and WWTP.
  • Coordinates field Operations Specifically by Conducting and managing the field/site visits and detailed assessments of the Water Treatment Plants in operation;
  • Conducts Technical Audits of water treatment plants and operating practices.
  • Prepares Operational and Maintenance Plans/Schedules, Coordination and Execution of Planned Maintenance for Water Treatment Plants, its Processes, the Associated Terminal Reservoirs/Tanks, etc.
  • Manages the Materials and Chemicals Stores Associated with Water Treatment Plants.
  • Supervises the Day-to-Day Operation and maintenance of Water Treatment Plants including coordination of Dosing of requirements for Water Treatment Plant Processes.
  • Supervises the Water Sampling, Water Quality (WQ) Testing, Recording and Analysis of WQ Results, for both Influent and Effluent to meet the required the Government of Kenya standard and the Preparation of all Outputs to meet Internal and External needs (Regulatory and Other).
  • Liaises on behalf of CWWDA with Relevant Government Offices as required including all relevant Regulatory Bodies, and Functions.
  • Maintains a continued compliance with OSHA standards.
  • Carries out Treatment Plant Performance Analysis and Reporting.
  • Prepares Operating budget for the Operation and Maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant including Chemical Budget; Chemical Cost; Labour Cost; Equipment Costs; Flow, Chemical, Control and Electronic Devices, etc.).
  • Carries-out additional but related tasks assigned by the Agency.


  • A First Degree in Civil or Chemical and Process Engineering with 5 years of experience in Water Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance (with Minimum Daily Water Production Capacity above 30,000 m3/day).
  • Experience in WTP Design and Construction Project Management as a member of a Contracting Authority.
  • Willing to stay in Mombasa to Supervise the Design and Construction and Operation of the Water Treatment Plant for a minimum of 3-4 years after completion
  • Registered by the Engineers’ Registration Board of Kenya and be a corporate member of the Institute of Engineers of Kenya.

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