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For 30 years, we’ve driven positive youth development around the world. Through our experience and partnerships, we continue to enrich the global understanding of how to connect young people with hope, jobs, and a brighter future. Anchored by our mission, we are constantly deepening our research and bridging new partnerships to innovate and provide scalable, sustainable solutions for the most challenging problems young people face.

Scope of Work:

In a quest to improve brand visibility for TIKO Kenya and to serve TIKO Actors. Triggerise Kenya invites proposals to provide consultancy services for the development and maintenance of the website.

The scope will include planning, requirement gathering, design, development, testing, commissioning and migration of the data from the existing site to the new portal where required.

Details of the scope of work include the following:

  • A detailed outline of website targeted users, roles and actions on the page.
  • Redesign of the website in terms of layout, look and feel, usability etc.
  • Establish a media section, videos and podcast section within the website.
  • Design online forms for relevant activities.
  • Set up a user-friendly blogging system which can assist with publications and newsletters.
  • Search engine optimization that will help with marketing and advertising the Scheme and its assets.
  • Map locations and contacts
  • Training for end user i,e administration and content uploading admin.
  • Ensure the website is compatible with all popular browsers and the ability to run on handheld mobile devices that will allow the website content to flow seamlessly

Schedule of Work

  • It is expected that the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the website/portal will be completed within the agreed period following engagement.
  • Service provider is required to submit a phased schedule of works to enable critical activities to proceed with minimal interruptions.
  • The Service provider is expected to adhere to this schedule or within variations as may be agreed with the Triggerise.
  • The Service provider must guarantee completion of the redesigning of the website and Commissioning within the specified schedule.
  • Should the Service provider fail to complete the redesigning of the website and commissioning within the specified schedule, the Triggerise may consider cancellation of the contract at no extra cost if the Service Provider fails to make attempts to remedy the problem within one week of notification.

The proposal should include:

  1. Technical Proposal see attached brief
  2. Financial Proposal

Evaluation criteria

Experience, Skills and Ability of Service Provider

Bidders’ track record which includes

  • Past experience in similar work of this nature. Portfolio of previous web design work with links. Each assignment should include an outline that indicates, staff involved, duration of the assignment, contract amount and service providers involvement.
  • Proposed Team members to undertake the assignment accompanied by brief CV’s that indicate experience.
  • The ability of the bidder to fulfil TRIGGERISE’s requirements

Score: 30 points

Technical Approach and Execution Plan

  • Proposals must contain the details of the proposed approach to be adopted in order to deliver the service in accordance with the Scope Of Work
  • An execution plan with clear timelines.

Score: 30 Points

Financial quotation

  • Competitive rates for the consultancy service.

Score: 20 Points


  • Did the bidder submit at least three relevant and contactable clients that were serviced in the past 36 months.

Score: 10 Points


  • Proposals should clearly indicate whether or not bid participants have the capacity to meet the requirements of the Scope of Work

Score: 10 Points.

Total Score: 100 Points

Additional requirements:

Academic/ Professional Qualifications and experience of lead web developer.

  • Contractor must be a legal entity registered in Kenya
  • Contractor must be a reputable company with prior experience in the field
  • Proven and solid knowledge and experience in providing similar service to reputable organizations
  • Solid knowledge on web security and website design & hosting service

Provide any other relevant information that will add value to the proposal.

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